I was dead on my feet all day yesterday. Two hours of sleep (thanks to a claw in the eye, courtesy of my kitty Scamp), then meetings and appointments spaced every 2 hours until almost 8pm. You’d think I would’ve gone to bed right away, but I was still on a high from seeing the boxes of books that arrived in the mail, so I wound down by sorting books.

(Now that I think about it, when I couldn’t sleep at 1am, I got up and sorted books.) And here I am, finally awake today, and I’m in the best mood because of emails I received from new potential donors.

Where am I going with all this? It just struck me that I could make money on the side by marketing Books for Keeps as an activity for insomniacs, a non-chemical energy booster, AND a cure for depression.

But I’m getting off track. When I arrived home late yesterday, there were boxes of books stacked at the door. Some were deliveries I’d mooched from BookMooch, but 2 big boxes were from two of our Canadian donors.

Michelle and Sandra, both from Ontario Canada, are two of our donors who go out of their way to find books on our wishlist then send them free of charge. It’s expensive to mail books from Canada, folks! This is no small thing.

Michelle goes out of her way to send me ideas for new books the kids might like. She sends me links to new inventories on BookMooch. She hands out books to trick or treaters at Halloween! In Michelle’s own words “Searching out your preferred titles has turned into a wonderful – and addictive – hobby for me. “ Who could ask for more? Thank you Michelle!

Sandra runs an online business for home educators, The Home Education Resource Emporium which sells (obviously) school materials, but also gently-used “fun” books to keep kids engaged. She writes a blog with information and advice for home schoolers. This is a woman who shares Books for Keeps’ belief that kids should own books. She sends us books from our wishlist right out of her own inventory, folks… books she could otherwise sell for her own benefit. Wow. Thank you Sandra!

I’m starting my Thursday in awe of the power of Books for Keeps’ donors. Books for Keeps would be a teeny, tiny, 200-book project if it weren’t for all of you. The kids in Athens are in for a big surprise this year. Huge. Massive.