We are so close.  We have books (or funds to purchase books) for 2,011 students for this May.  12 books per child, plus a tote bag!  We have 89 students left needing sponsors, and 12 days left to find those sponsors.

Will we abandon these last 89 children if we don’t find sponsors? No way.  But it will throw a wrench in our plans, for sure. And my husband quickly vetoed the idea of raiding my 401(k). 

If you have $2,225 burning a hole in your pocket, you can wrap this program up right now! Assuming you don’t… how about $25 to sponsor a child? Or $480 to sponsor a class? 

Here are details about how you can help. Please share with your friends, family, colleagues… well, everybody. 

Books for Keeps has done the impossible before.  6 weeks ago, we needed sponsors for 845 children; today we’re down to 89. Stay tuned. (And tell somebody. )