No, that’s not a typo. One thousand, seven hundred & eighty-seven books. I still can’t believe it, even as I’m typing. AND – as best I can tell, there’s a potential 150-200 more books en route.

I’m trying to decide what to do. What do you think?

  1. I could save the books for next year, and have a huge head-start on my goal of adopting two schools. That would make things really easy on me.
  2. I could scramble to find another school and get organized. But there are only a few days left before school is out; this would be a tremendous amount of work and I’m already committed to helping at Alps. I’m not sure I can pull this one off.
  3. I could give each child at Alps 2 extra books for the summer, but then I’d have to start from zero next year. That will make it hard to adopt an additional school.

It’s a tough call but I’m leaning towards option 1. It makes everything easier for me and frankly, I’m exhausted. I’ll be free to help Alps Elementary this coming week, and I’ll start ahead of the game on doubling the number of children who take home “Summer Satchels” next year.

Those of you who donated books: what do you think? I want to make the most of your donations and I’m curious what you’d like me to do.