We’ve had a last-minute surge in local donations, and Kay just sent me an updated count from Greenville. Are you sitting down? We have 19,455 books.

I’m stunned, excited, and humbled by the generosity of Books for Keeps donors. And like last year, faced with a dilemma: do I save the extra books for next year’s program, or look for a last-minute opportunity to distribute them?

Kay will be bringing almost 2,000 books when she makes her trip to Athens on May 1st. 2,000 books! All shipped to her house in Greenville by generous book-lovers and “BookMoochers” around the world… just since February. Can you imagine how much time she spends opening the mail? Here in Athens, UGA students are rallying their classmates to bring books from home when they return from Easter weekend.

I really have no idea how many more books we’ll get. I do know this: my to-do list is 3 full pages long and everything must be completed by May 1st in order for our distributions to run smoothly.

Yes folks, things are just as frantic as they were last year. I’m happy to report that it’s a controlled chaos and we DO have a plan…. and 19,455 books. Somebody pinch me!

Here at Books for Keeps, sleep is optional for the next few weeks. I’ll do my best to keep you posted.