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YWCO Girls Club – Thursday

The book distribution for the YWCO Girls’ Club is set for Thursday! I have 2 days (ok, a day and a half) to select, label, and deliver the books.In May each class only had about 5 minutes to choose their books. The series books (Goosebumps, Junie B Jones, Captain Underpants) were decimated, and the high-quality, standalone chapter books were left untouched. So I’m trying a new strategy.This time the kids will have a lot more time to browse, and I’m taking far fewer of the series books. (That’s partly out of necessity… I haven’t rebuilt my inventory!) Giving the kids more time also means I’ll have more opportunity to talk to them and learn what they want to read.Surplus inventory (due to the generosity of my donors) made it possible for me to accept this gig. After this… no more surplus. It’s worth it though; Girls’ Club camp is funded in part by United Way and targets girls from low-income families. I’m giving these kids the best I’ve got.

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Pardon our Progress….

Our facelift is in the design phase but should be completed soon. In the meantime, we hope the message still gets through in spite of our disheveled appearance.The message is simple: WE NEED YOUR BOOKS. They’ll be given to a needy child in Athens, GA… for keeps. Since we’re so busy collecting & distributing books, how about we let this article do the explaining?

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Wanted: Wimpy Kids!

Wimpy kids are incredibly elusive these days. They’re nowhere to be found on BookMooch. They’ve disappeared from thrift stores. I’m not ready to face the YWCO kids and tell them this bit of news. Will you look for sightings in your area?The books are so easy to spot on thrift store shelves because they’re brightly colored and larger than a standard chapter book. If you spot any of these Wimpy Kids in your neighborhood thrifts, please apprehend immediately.

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The best article ever…..

I’ll read and re-read this article every time I feel tired or discouraged, or find myself wondering if it’s really worth all the effort. From Kay, whose books are now located in multiple homes in Athens, GA… helping make sure kids don’t forget how to read over summer.Don’t have time to read the article? Here’s the key quote:”According to USA Today, another study, to be published later this year in the journal Reading Psychology, found that simply giving low-income children 12 books (of their own choosing) on the first day of summer vacation “may be as effective as summer school” in preventing “summer slide” — the degree to which lower-income students slip behind their more affluent peers academically every year. “And then of course there’s this one, which sums up exactly why I feel so strongly the kids must OWN the books:”As much as we love libraries, there is something in possessing a book that’s significantly different from borrowing it, especially for a child. You can write your name in it and keep it always. It transforms you into the kind of person who owns books, a member of the club…”Thank you Kay! I’ve only been giving out 3 books per child; nothing like a lofty goal to make me work harder….

And… a question about RL Stine’s Fear Street

I know the kids love Goosebumps, but do they also love Fear Street? The covers look horrible! So I’ve been passing them over at the thrift stores. Should I be buying them?

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Harry Potter trivia???

I’ve got a decent-sized pile of the first Harry Potter book. I’m thinking of taking it to the YWCO kids, and seeing if any of them would like to read it, sort of as a book club. But will they want to read the book if they’ve seen the movie?It may be a moot point, because I’m not sure these kids get to go to very many movies, but I’d like to be able to name some things that happen in the 1st book that did NOT make it into the movie.And I definitely don’t have time to read the book OR see the movie. So I’m hoping y’all will name some things I can use to fake my Harry Potter knowledge.So: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Anything memorable from the book that didn’t make it into the movie? Please???? givethembooks at g mail dot com

Gettin’ Thrifty in the ATL

I rode with Bayne to Atlanta today so I’d have access to some larger thrift stores. Athens is running out of inventory and I’m getting a little concerned. Maybe it’s a temporary lull… fingers crossed. Timing was on my side this morning! I got to Book Nook just after someone dropped off several copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid; the checkout clerk even commented that I got lucky. I like the idea of our Athens’ kids having a chance to own one of the hottest kids’ books on the market so I’ll step up my efforts. Just a quick post to let you know what’s up. I’m heading back out. There’s a Goodwill just down the street from Bayne’s office….

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Plans for YWCO Camp

I don’t know why I thought YWCO camp was going to be a quick and easy thing to do… there are 200 kids!Registration is complete and I’ve received a breakdown by age. I’m trying to think of some interesting things to do that will make it fun to read. Here are a few ideas I’ve had… chime in with yours (please!)- For the 5 girls in the 13-14 year-old group, I’m thinking about giving them each a different book by the same author, so they can compare notes. OR give them all the exact same book so they can have a mini-book club during camp. Of course they get to choose some on their own, too. I’m thinking at the end of camp, they have a choice of keeping the book and choosing 2 more, or giving the book back and choosing 3 more.- For some of the younger kids, I’m thinking of giving them all a book from the same series. The teachers at Alps have suggested that starting younger kids out with “fun” series books they recognize helps start a thirst for more. So maybe all the kids in one age group will get a Junie B Jones, and for another age group everybody gets Captain Underpants. Then they can share stories about what happened in the different books.I’ve also got some ideas for encouraging kids to choose some of the non-series books. First and foremost, giving them more time to choose. I’m mulling over how to accomplish that, plus other alternatives too.Finally, I’m considering how to present the books to the kids. Do I have time (or energy) to prepare [...]

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Suggest Me to BookMooch !!!

Still no word from BookMooch about whether they’ll grant Books for Keeps a charity account. I looked at some of the other charities, and it doesn’t appear that I have to be a registered, incorporated non-profit. Hopefully no news is good news, but….Will you send BookMooch a suggestion on my behalf? Please mention that I already applied on Books For Keeps behalf. Click here, then go down and click the last link, “Suggest”. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the first draft of a banner for the blog! (Don’t worry, I haven’t lost sight of what’s most important… I’m only spending $35 on the banner.) We’re making some edits & hopefully it will be up soon. But I think the images of the children with their books captures the reaction I see when I hand out books to kids. Don’t get so caught up in banner excitement that you forget the task at hand: tell BookMooch you support Books for Keeps and would like it to be granted a charity account.

The latest….

A quick update on Books For Keeps activities, and then I have to return to the long-overdue aspects of my “real life” that are screaming for attention.I’ve applied for a charity account with BookMooch. No idea how long it takes, or if it would help for supporters to recommend me. If you think it would help, here’s the link to the charity page. Click “suggest a charity”. I noticed that not all of their charity accounts are official organizations… Comic Books for Kids, for example.YWCO starts this week. I still haven’t worked out what the program will be, but they’ve told me they’ll let me ask the kids what books they want. It runs through June so it’ll be nice to have the luxury of time to do it right. I’m hoping to give some of our very best books to these kids.I’ve finished sorting and categorizing ALL my books. Here’s the system:1) Inventory: Books for future distribution are entered into LibraryThing. The most popular series books are boxed separately and put in 1 closet. The non-series books are alphabetized and boxed in another closet.2) Books I Can’t Use: I’ve met with teachers, a librarian, and gotten feedback from local parents. There are some books that the particular kids I’m targeting just don’t want. And some of you gave me grown-up books to barter with. I’ve separated Books I Can’t Use into a few subcategories, in order of priority:a) Lightweight books “in demand elsewhere”: I’ve posted these on BookMooch and have given away a bunch so far. If BM doesn’t give me a charity account, this will help [...]