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Don’t give up on me!

I’ve been out of town collecting books from various people and places, and I’ve got some pictures that will perk you right up. In the meantime, I’ve fallen behind on email, phone calls, and opening all the packages arriving by mail. I’m sorry!I appreciate the offers to help or partner that are coming in. Please don’t give up on me! It’ll take a few days but I’ll get caught up and you WILL hear from me….

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Great article on "Summer Slide"

This article certainly backs up my frequent claim “Summer slide is real!” Makes me want to try even harder….

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It’s crazy here.

In the last 24 hours I’ve written copy for a bookmark, revised our collection bin signs, lined up more collection site volunteers, discussed tag lines for a Whatever It Takes print ad, logged and sorted 100+ books, developed a sorting strategy for our media specialist volunteers, finalized our book drive partners & obtained logos, written a summary of needs for our Volunteer Management crew, researched book storage methods, started the planning process for a GreenSchools book drive, discussed 501(c)(3) options and processes with several people in the know, helped a good friend’s mom start a book drive in Atlanta, started a presentation for a school meeting……. and completely ignored my husband and everybody/thing else in my life.There’s not enough of me to go around, even with my new BookMooch volunteer moochers. (Thanks Kay, Mary & Katherine… I’m terrified of the day the avalanche of books arrives!)I sure hope this effort pays off. I’m using the power of positive thinking to foresee books by the truckload being donated during our book drive. Send your good vibes our way too, please!

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We still need your help!

I’ve updated my earlier post “A Few Special Needs”. We’re making progress but still need help. A few highlights:We sill need volunteers to monitor 3 downtown book drop locations and one in Winder. All of the other locations have been adopted – hooray!We’ve made no progress on sturdy, stackable bins/containers for book storage. This is getting scary and will crush me if I have to pay out of pocket to purchase them all myself. If you know anybody in a position to donate (or deeply discount) stackable book boxes or plastic bins, please help! The random cardboard box method doesn’t work; the boxes don’t stack evenly and the boxes end up falling over. It’s not a pretty sight.And now for some good news: did you know that UGA offers a class “Volunteer Management”? I sure didn’t. But they’ve contacted me and offered to help manage all the book drive volunteers. Once again, the kindness of strangers astounds me. (Thanks Lewis & Whatever It Takes, for spreading the word to these folks!)I’m also actively exploring the 501(c)(3) nonprofit situation. It’s going to take some time, effort and funds. I’ll keep you posted.

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We’re framing this and hanging it on our wall….

Check out this editorial about poverty, the impact of reading, and Books for Keeps. The last three paragraphs are not only a compliment of the highest order, but motivation to work harder for more, more, more books!

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Shout Out!

I’ve committed the nearly unforgivable crime of waiting so long to say thank you that I’m sure I’ll forget some of you who really went out of your way to help. I’m going to try anyway…Sandy from Ventura CA donated 8 BOXES of high-demand books in pristine condition. They’re so nice, in fact, that I’ve set them aside for a special program I’m hoping to develop for the neediest of the needy. Thank you Sandy!Heather from Yuma, AZ sent so many packages of books that I lost count. They just kept showing up, day after day. Not only do I appreciate the books, Heather, but the support and humor you send my way electronically. Thank you!Michelle from Ontario, Canada continues to send boxes of books as she collects them, and how’s this for inspiration: she collects books throughout the year to give out on Halloween night. I’m hoping she’ll tell us how she does it. Stay tuned…Classic City Orthodontics and City Salon & Spa: our first two drop off locations continue to collect books for us. I picked up batches from both last week. Thank you for giving folks a place to take their books. I don’t mind meeting people in parking lots, but this is certainly more convenient.Alexa in LA, like all of the people mentioned above, is a repeat donor who also surprised me with a shipment of books in the last week. While supporting Books for Keeps, Alexa is also trying to build a library at her son’s school. Good luck, and thank you Alexa. Carrie, from New Ulm, MN surprised me with another box of books [...]

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October Book Drive

We’ve lined up some great drop-off locations for the October book drive. In addition to our existing partners, Classic City Orthodontics, City Salon and Spa, and the Athens Banner-Herald, we’ll have 7 Athens-area First American bank branches, Piedmont College, and the Athens Locos restaurants participating too!If you look at this map you’ll see there are still a few holes in our coverage. I don’t have an unlimited number of bins, but we could really use one or two more drop offs in the areas with gaping holes on the map. Check it out and let me know if you have suggestions.I hope you Athens folks are cleaning off your shelves this weekend! October is just around the corner and this book drive could exponentially increase the number of children who become book owners in spring.PS: don’t forget to check out our list of special needs to see if you can help.

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We’re a BookMooch Charity??!!!

One of our supporters emailed me last night and said “by the way, you know you’re an official BookMooch charity, right?” Ummm…. no, I didn’t. But sure enough, my profile says “BookMooch Charity” now. So when I stop laughing about being the last to know, I’ll figure out how to use it to help the kids here even more. Thank you, Katherine, for the heads up! And thank you BookMooch!

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Welcome, Library Thing’ers!

I was stunned to discover that some of our supporters have started a Books for Keeps discussion board on Library Thing. These supporters are already shipping books across state (and sometimes continental) lines to reach us here in Athens. Now they’re sharing tips with other Library Thing users on how to help Books for Keeps from afar. Y’all never cease to amaze me. Just when I think I’ve settled into a gratitude groove, you kick things up a notch and my jaw drops all over again.

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Check out Books for Keeps in the news!

I’m pretty sure this qualifies as our first-ever media exposure; I know for a fact it increases the odds we’ll put an end to summer slide in Athens. Yes!!!! Athens Banner-Herald: Sep 10, 2010FAQ: Is Books for Keeps a 501(c)(3)? Not yet. But our partner, Whatever It Takes, IS – and we’re grateful for their help!

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