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Notice anything new?

Check out the top-right side of the blog. We are finally able to accept donations via PayPal, credit or debit card!We use donated funds to purchase the most-wanted, current books – books rarely donated at our book drives. Check this out:We purchased a large quantity of Everybody Hates Chris at a rock-bottom price, and kids were so excited they chose to read during recess. This picture wasn’t staged, folks; it moves me to tears. The kids read the book together, laughed out loud, and discussed as they read.The right book matters. Help us make it happen.

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He’s baaaaaack!

The Wimpy Kid is back, with a new release this November. It will immediately become our most-requested book, and Wimpy Kids are rarely donated in book drives.We need this book. If we want kids – especially reluctant readers – to read on their own during summer with no encouragement, we must provide books they want to read. This is THE book they most want to read.Please consider pre-ordering this book from our Amazon wish list. It’ll be shipped straight to Books for Keeps when it’s released. Tell your friends – I’m not exaggerating when I say we could easily give away 1,000 of these books. Hope you’ll help.

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