Let me get this one thing out of the way before I start: I did a pretty poor job of keeping this blog updated in 2011. It’s not for lack of interest, I assure you. Books for Keeps had the most amazing year, but with an exponential increase in books comes an exponential increase in work!The rewards increased exponentially too. Seeing all those children… so excited to choose 12 books each… one volunteer called it a life-changing experience. I agree! Another favorite moment: meeting this woman and her daughter, who stopped by our booth at the Athens Farmer’s Market.This little girl received 12 books during our May distributions, and she read every one of them. Her mother wanted me to know (and gave me permission to share) that the family is on a severely limited income, and trips to the library are difficult. It gave her peace of mind to know her daughter had books of her own to read during the summer. She told me that she believes the books we gave her daughter will make a difference in her daughter’s achievement.Yes, meeting Bill Clinton was pretty amazing too, but could there be a more powerful motivation to keep working, even when the going gets tough around here? The children are the motivation that keeps us all going.Books continue to pour in, and I’m reminded of a Facebook post from a woman regarding her children: “Dear God, thank you for these beautiful, abundant blessings, but please, now could you help me manage them?!”Our book-raising abilities have reached a new level – one that requires an actual organization and infrastructure to support it. [...]