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Contribute to our Deep-Discount Purchase Fund

Scholastic Literacy Partnerships and FirstBook USA are making deeply-discounted books available to Books for Keeps. Titles we need range from $1-$3 each for NEW books!We’ve been saving all year for this moment. We’re assessing our inventory of books to figure out which books we’ll need to purchase to round out our inventory in areas where donations are lagging.For example, “shark books” were one of the top requests from 1st and 2nd graders last May. We’d hoped to have 500 or more in inventory this year, but we have < 50.We were dreadfully short in the sports category last year, and the kids let us know it, too. They asked for basketball and football books - about current athletes. We have < 50 of those, too... for over 2,000 students.While we assess our inventory, we're also assessing our bank account. Can you contribute to our Deep-Discount Purchase Fund? You'll make it that much more likely we're able to provide books that our most reluctant readers have asked for.Mail your tax deductible check, made payable to Books for Keeps, to PO Box 49761, Athens, GA 30604. Or, use the "Donate" button at the top-right side of the page to donate online.Thank you!

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The Countdown Begins: 14,187 Books

The free/reduced lunch statistics have been released (finally) and we know which schools we’ll be serving this May: joining Alps, Fowler, and Stroud will be Gaines and JJ Harris! Both are large schools, and will more than double the number of students we reach. AND the number of books we’ll need.27,000, to be exact.Last February, March and April were nail-biters around here. We were only 60% of the way towards our goal, and needed 6,000 books in 12 weeks. I thought it was impossible… 6,000 books was 4x more than we’d distributed the year before! But we did it.Can we do it again?We need 13,000 MORE books for kids in kindergarten – 5th grade… in just 12 short weeks. 13,000 usable books… meaning they’re current, popular, and in very good condition. After all, if we want children to read during summer with no adult encouragement, we have to provide fun, appealing books they want to read. But that’s more books than we distributed last May! Can we do it?I’m nervous every year, but I’m not sure I can take it this time. 13,000 books in 12 weeks?Books for Keeps needs your help, right now. We started with one person saying “I can do something about this” and grew as many more decided they could, too. Can you? Here are some ways you can help, to get you thinking.(New to Books for Keeps and not sure why we’re doing this? Here’s our story.)Books for Keeps from Mt. Bethel UMC on Vimeo.The US Postal Service’s “Media Mail” rate makes it very affordable to mail paperback books. Send us the books your child [...]

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