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Inventory Update

Books are starting to come in from the many book drives taking place, and at the same time we’re divvying up books for boxing. Things are crazy at the warehouse!My best guess is we’re about 2,000 books short. We’re particularly low on books for 4th-5th graders. While we’re sorting, counting, and boxing, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for these books, and get them to us quickly if you find them! (You can always donate funds to help us purchase them, of course.)High-Interest Series/Authors for 4th-5th graders:Big Nate, Candy Apple, Poison Apple, Amelia’s Notebook, Dear Dumb Diary, Dork Diaries, David Lubar books, the “Psycho Butt” series (Andy Griffiths), BONE graphic novels, Guinness World Record books, 39 Clues, and of course Wimpy Kid.Books we have PLENTY of:Animorphs, CS Lewis, Matt Christopher, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Andrew Clements, Roald Dahl, Horrible Harry, Cam Jansen, A to Z Mysteries. Supply is greater than demand for these, so we’re pulling some out and will hold them til next year.Regarding our “top 4”: Our focus on Diary of a Wimpy Kid paid off! We have twice as many as last year. We also have plenty of Goosebumps. We could use more Junie B Jones, but at least we have enough to take to every school. The surprise: Captain Underpants. Where is he hiding? We only have 200 on hand, so we’ll only be able to take these to 1 school this year.There are only a couple of weeks left to get these books. Please be on the lookout – yard sales, Goodwill, etc – or donate funds today.

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Athens Book Drop Off Event – Saturday!

This is it. Our final push to collect the 6,000 books we need to reach our goal.Can we provide 12 books to every child attending a Clarke County elementary school where 90% or more of students qualify for free/reduced-fee lunches?Yes, if you tell your friends and neighbors. Their books could very well determine whether or not we make our goal.Books for Keeps Donation Drop-off DaySaturday, March 2410:00 AM-2:00 PMCollecting gently-used books for children of any age, Pre-K through 12th grade.1: Fire & Flavor Warehouse: 375 Commerce Blvd., Suite B, Athens (Directions)2: Old Gaines Elementary School: 280 Gaines School Road (Directions)Volunteers will be on-hand at both locations to help you unload your books and to provide tax receipts. (If you choose the Fire and Flavor drop-off, come inside and see Books for Keeps in action! Melaney and volunteers from Athens Technical College will be sorting and inspecting donations as they come in.)We are grateful to Pump it Up for providing a Buy One, Get One Free admission coupon to every family that brings books Saturday.Rain or shine, bring your books. Tell somebody.

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Imagine: You’re Bayne, my husband. You stop by the house at lunch to pick something up for work. And you see this in front of your house.I told him I was expecting a large delivery, but I’m not sure he was listening!That’s a mighty big truck to deliver 1,500 books, but I’m not complaining. Thanks to the Robert Campeau Family Foundation and several other very generous BFK donors, we were able to purchase 1,500 wonderful new books from Reading Warehouse for about $1/book.What a great day at BFK!We’re getting there!

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Thank you, Barbara Dooley!

Audio archive of Barbara Dooley’s radio interview with Books for Keeps founder Melaney Smith. Thank you, Barbara, for helping spread the word about our efforts to stop summer slide!

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We’ve crossed the 20,000 book mark! Can the Atlanta book drive or the Athens Drop-off Day get us to 26,696 books? Only if people hear about them. Tell someone today. (Please?!)

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19,331 Books

Only 7,500 more to go… in the next 6 weeks.

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*ATLANTA* Book Drive March 10th-31st

We are so excited to announce our first “official” book drive inside the Atlanta city limits! I hope our Atlanta supporters will help spread the word… we need the books.Adore FurnitureMarch 10-March 31Mon-Sat 10am-6pmSun 12-6pm1510 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd, Atlanta (Directions)This two-week book drive is taking place in the middle of a hot shopping spot for furniture and home goods in Atlanta, so leave yourself plenty of time to shop after you drop off your books!

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Scenes from Friday

Friday, 5pm, My HouseCar: Waiting for someone to unload it.Books: Waiting for someone to make room in the car.Trailer: Waiting for someone to finish packing it.New packages: Waiting for someone to load them on the trailer.EmptyBoxes: Waiting for someone to break them down.Where is the “someone” who’s going to do all this? She realized it was 5pm on Friday and abandoned her post. Have a nice weekend!

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Book Drives!

Can we collect 9,000 more books in the next 8 weeks? The jury is still out, but check out the ways people near and far are rallying to help.BOOK DRIVES IN ATHENSPump it UpMarch 1-31400 Commerce Blvd., Suite D, Athens (Directions)Bring your books during Pop-In Play Time (or to a scheduled party) and you’ll receive a Buy One Get One Free admission coupon. The collection bin is just inside the front door. Your kids will love Pump it Up! (Thank you, John, for this generous offer!)Fire and Flavor Drop-off Day***Saturday, March 2410:00 AM-2:00 PM375 Commerce Blvd., Suite B, Athens (Directions)Every family who brings books to our Drop-off Day will receive a Buy One, Get One Free admission coupon from Pump it Up. Bring your books by the boxful directly to Books for Keeps at the Fire and Flavor warehouse (just down the street from Pump it Up). We’ll have volunteers on hand to help you unload your car.***East-siders: we’ll have a second drop-off location set up at the old Gaines Elementary School, 280 Gaines School Road. BOOK DRIVES IN ATLANTA:Bitsy Grant Tennis Center March 1-312125 Northside Drive, Atlanta (Directions | Hours)Bring your books to the main office, and learn about their UTA Junior Tennis Academy and Summer Tennis Camp. This is our first official in-town Atlanta book drive – thank you Amy & Taylor for making it happen.Adore FurnitureMarch 10-24Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12-6pm1510 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd, Atlanta (Directions)This two-week book drive is taking place in the middle of a hot shopping spot for furniture and home goods in Atlanta, so leave yourself plenty of time to shop after you drop off your books. Adore is fairly [...]

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