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Adopt a Stop! Thrift Store Leg # 2 – Atlanta

The Books for Keeps Thrift Store Tour is underway!  Our goal: 5,000 or more books for $.75 each or less. See the top right side of the page for a running count on our progress so far.There are nearly 200 possible stops on the tour… can you “adopt a stop” so that I won’t have to skip any of them? All it takes is $50 – my average purchase last year. Just click the Donate button on the top-left side of the page; in the memo line tell me which stop you’d like to adopt. Or send a check to PO Box 49761, Athens, GA 30604.Next up: Atlanta.  The Atlanta thrifts are part of why my average purchase is so large… I find many, many books at Atlanta Goodwill stores.  This is going to be fun!Thrift Store Leg # 2: Athens to AtlantaThis is a two-day trip covering the northeast part of metro Atlanta.  (Still working on dates for the rest of Atlanta.)Tues June 19th – Weds June 20th1. Winder   – Goodwill (Dean F, Athens)2. Buford   – Goodwill Hamilton Mill (Jeanine R, Athens)   – Goodwill Buford Hwy (Leigh N, Athens)3. Johns Creek   – Goodwill (this is a big one – somebody please adopt it!)4. Roswell   – Goodwill (Rama V, Atlanta)   – Salvation Army (Jennifer G, Athens)5. Sandy Springs   – Goodwill Johnson Ferry (Lori H, Atlanta)   – Goodwill Perimeter Center (Lori H, Atlanta)6. Atlanta   – Goodwill Roswell Rd. (Emilie F, Atlanta)   – Junior League Nearly New (Leigh S, Atlanta)   – Goodwill, Northside (Leigh S, Atlanta)   – Salvation Army, Marietta St.   – Goodwill, Buford Hwy.7. Duluth   –  Goodwill   – Salvation Army8) Lawrenceville   – GoodwillSneak Preview: Leg #3 – Eastern TN and Western NCJune 26 – 29I’m [...]

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Adopt a Stop!

The Books for Keeps Thrift Store Tour begins!  Our goal: 5,000 or more books for $.75 each or less. We’ve collected $1,405 so far, and our supporters came up with a clever idea to help with the rest:  “Adopt a Stop”. There are almost 200 possible stops on the tour, but so far we only have funding for the first 30. Can you help?I spend an average of $48.73 on books each time I visit a thrift store.  The smallest purchase last year was $24, and the largest purchase was $124.  So… you can Adopt a Stop at a store in your town for $48.73.  ($50 for easy math.)Send me $50 and tell me which thrift store along our route you’d like to adopt.  I’ll keep a running list on our Web site. (Of course, you’re welcome to meet me at a store and foot the entire, actual bill… which three wonderful ladies are already doing in three cities!)Thrift Store Tour, Leg #1:  Athens to MaconSaturday, June 16th1. Milledgeville   – Salvation Army (Jan W, CA)2. Macon   – Salvation Army Broadway (Brenda R, Athens)   – Salvation Army Mercer University    – Gottwals Used Books  (Susan C, Macon)   – Goodwill Zebulon (Kim K, Athens)   – Goodwill Eisenhower (Phyllis N, Athens)3. Byron   – Gottwals Used Books (Dawn A)4. Warner Robins   – Goodwill Margie Dr. (J. Evans, Athens)   – Goodwill Moody Rd. (Earline H, Macon)   – Salvation Army Green St.   – Gottwals Used BooksThrift Store Leg # 2: Athens to AtlantaThis is a two-day trip covering one piece of metro Atlanta.  (Still working on dates for the rest of Atlanta.)Tues June 19th – Weds June 20th1. Winder   – Goodwill (Dean F, Athens)2. Buford   – Goodwill Hamilton Mill (Jeanine [...]

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$400 and counting!

We’ve collected $400 in donations so far for the upcoming Thrift Store Tour.  Bayne is footing the bill for the gas, friends and family are providing free lodging… but I need YOUR help with purchasing the books.I usually find 50-75 books anytime I go to Goodwill – especially if it’s one I don’t visit regularly. If the low end of that range holds true, at 100 stores I would expect to buy 5,000 books at about $.75 each… so I need $3,750 for this campaign. Please help!Why am I buying books so early in the season?  Because book drives and book donations don’t generate the quantities of chapter books we need, particularly books for 4th-5th graders. It’s that simple.  We’re going to have to buy them. With 7 weeks left to go in the 2012 distribution year, we were still short 13,000 chapter books. Picture books – no problem; we got what we needed in plenty of time.  But it’s too risky to wait on the chapter books- and to be blunt, my nerves can’t take another crisis like that. We’ve reached the size where we have to purchase boxes, pallets, packing tape… and I don’t know what we’d do without Fire and Flavor’s donated warehouse space. (They’ve agreed to let us stay another year – thank you!) Funds are going to be our most important challenge this year. In the end, we had a successful 2012 distribution season, we collected the books we needed, and over 2,000 Athens children took home 12 books each. It was wonderful.  For 2013, my goal is to get Books for Keeps on a more sane, reliable schedule, and make absolutely sure we meet our commitments. That means [...]

Thrift Store Tour!

The crazy rush to collect the last books we needed for our May 2012 program was a success – 13,000 books in 7 weeks! With that said, I hope NEVER to need to do it again.  I’m starting early on 2013’s books… with the first-ever Books for Keeps Thrift Store Tour. My goal: 5,000 books for $3,750.I have friends and family who will house me in various parts of Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.  So I’m shopping thrift stores en route to each of their homes! One trip will be through Atlanta up to Tullahoma, Chattanooga, and Knoxville TN, then back down through Ashville.  Another will be south through Milledgeville, Macon and Warner Robins. My final trip will be through south Georgia en route to St. Simon’s Island – still working on that one.Check out this map. (It might take a minute for all the stops to load.) View Books for Keeps Thrift Store Tour in a larger mapI’ve only put Goodwill and Salvation Army on it so far, and it’s easily over 100 stops.  The independent thrift stores are harder to find; so many pop up in search results but I have no idea if they have books or not. So I’ll stick close to the Goodwill and Salvation Army locations and look for stores near them.Do you want to get in on the action?  There are a couple of things you can do:1) Donate funds to help purchase books.  I’m not sure where else $1 can do so much good! Send a tax deductible check to PO Box 49761, Athens GA 30604 or click the Donate button at the top-right side of the page. 2) Share our story on your Facebook page, and [...]

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