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SOS: Books for Keeps in need of new warehouse space

We need help, and in a big way.

Books for Keeps is facing a crisis of the sort it hasn’t experienced in nearly three years (way back when the roof collapsed in our old storage facility).

This spring, we will be losing our warehouse space, and must find a new home for our books and operations.

Fire & Flavor has graciously given us two-and-a-half years of free warehouse space and labor, and we cannot adequately express our gratitude to the owners and employees there for allowing us to grow in a safe, supportive environment. But, as with most businesses, they grow and circumstances change. Due to this, BFK will no longer have access to free space for our books.

Our first priority is to ensure we can serve the 3,700 children we’re committed to serve in 2014, uninterrupted. We have a deadline of March 31 to get our books moved into a new space.

What this means is finding a new space as soon as possible – preferably free. A successful end-of-year fundraising campaign brought enough money into BFK to buy the books needed to serve the students in our program this year. However, we were not anticipating the need to pay for warehouse space in 2014, and therefore do not have funds on hand – or budgeted for – that expense.

Do you know someone? Or perhaps know someone who knows someone?

Please email Leslie, at, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or leads.

We have to solve this. Losing our warehouse space before May distributions would cripple our ability to serve the children in our program – children who already have too many factors working against them in their lives. We’re determined not to let that happen, but we [...]

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A big goal reached, and a big “thank you”

To our amazing community of supporters:

In November, we faced a daunting task – finding sponsors for nearly 1,200 children who still weren’t covered in our 2014 program. We had the books on hand – or the funds needed – to serve the rest of the 3,700 children we’re committed to reach in 2014.

Still, 1,200 children was a lot. We were talking about $30,000, or the funds needed to buy some 15,000 books.

And we needed that on hand by December 31 in order to have the time  to box books for distribution to the schools in May – a lengthy process.

Two major grants helped significantly reduce that number, including $2,500 from the Jackson EMC Foundation and roughly $9,000 to cover class sponsorships from a local family foundation.

But ultimately, meeting our goal would not have been possible without the widespread community support that we are so fortunate to have. The rest of those sponsorships – roughly $20,000 – came from individuals and businesses.

They saw a challenge, stepped up to meet it, and with us they reveled in watching the number of children needing sponsors get smaller with each passing day. Take a look at our Facebook gallery of cover photos chronicling this countdown to see what we’re talking about. It’s pretty remarkable.

Some folks gave $1,000 to sponsor two classrooms, or 40 children – and we were blown away by their generosity. Some people gave $10, noting that “every little bit counts” – and we were equally blown away by the support of these individuals with tight budgets digging deep to give what they could. Thank you to everyone who gave at these levels, and everywhere in between!

These gifts, large and small, each have their own significance and [...]

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