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Benteen Elementary School is setting the bar high for reading success!

Here at Books for Keeps, we believe providing children with open, equal access to book allows them to connect the joy of reading with the thrill of discover, laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling life. We work in service of this belief every day, purchasing high interest books that will excite young readers, creating joyful experiences through reading, and building relationships that will help us reach new schools.

One such relationship that we have worked hard over the last three years to grow is with our partners at the Waffle House Foundation. At the Waffle House Foundation, their goal is “to improve the quality of life in the communities [they] serve though the allocation of financial and human resources.” We know that books and a strong foundation for lifelong literacy have the power to improve anyone’s quality of life, and the Waffle House Foundation believes in our mission as well. That’s why, after visiting with us at Benteen Elementary School- a partner school in Atlanta that we’ve been serving for the past two year- and having the opportunity to speak with Benteen principal Dr. Andrew Lovett about the impact of our program, the Waffle House Foundation has committed to fully funding Benteen Elementary for the 2019.

Dr. Lovett feels acutely the power books have in the lives of his students. He describes Benteen elementary as being in a “literary desert,” five miles from the nearest library and in an area where food security takes precedence over other needs. Dr. Lovett is in his third year as principal at Benteen after moving from Dunbar Elementary, a school that Books for Keeps has been serving for the past three years. Each day, he and his dedicated staff work [...]

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Meet our Board Vice President, Camilla Bracewell!

Written by special guest blogger, Camilla Bracewell
(part of a new monthly series)
I first learned about Books for Keeps (BFK) in one of the first years of the organization when volunteers were collecting used books to distribute to children in the classrooms. Our granddaughter and I did a small book drive in about 2012 and collected children’s books that we donated. In 2014, I volunteered at a book distribution, and I was hooked! Not too long after that, I was asked to serve on the board and I was honored and touched by that invitation. I have been on the board for the past 3 years.   
When I think about why I am so committed to BFK, for me it is a no-brainer. I was raised in a home where reading and books were an important part of everyday life. We raised our daughter in a home, again, where reading and books were an important part of her life. When our granddaughter came along, I told my daughter that I would not be purchasing a lot of toys for her but that I would purchase books for her and that I would read to her at every opportunity…which my husband and I have done. To know that there are children in our community who do not have books in their home and who do not have someone to read to them on a regular basis breaks my heart. I can’t read to every child who wants or needs to be read to, but I can do all I can to ensure that those children have access to books each spring…and I will do that in any way possible for as long as I [...]

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It’s time to meet our 2018 grade-level sponsors!

After concluding our biggest school distribution season ever AND our most successful book sale to date, we are looking back over the supporters who have made these endeavors possible. Each year, we are able to distribute tens of thousands of books to thousands of children thanks to donors like you. And Books for Keeps’s grade-level sponsors are a big part of that success!

Our grade-level sponsors are responsible for keeping an ENTIRE GRADE up to speed and reading all summer long! With a minimum contribution of $2,500, our grade-level sponsors can designate their gift for any grade they choose at any of the schools we serve. Keep reading to learn more about the 2017-2018 grade-level sponsors making a difference in our schools.

Celia Baker of IntelliGRACS Group is the longest standing of our grade-level sponsors. Not only has Celia continued to support our year-end giving campaign each year since our founding, her generosity is also responsible for the donation that made us an official 501c3! Her annual support is a powerful reminder that the work we do in the community isn’t just changing the lives of students, it is also inspiring other community members to get involved.

And Celia isn’t alone! Here is the full list of grade-level sponsors who have been inspired by our mission:

Wells Fargo Foundation
Exhibitus, Inc.
Jefferson Energy Cooperative Foundation
Georgia-Pacific Foundation
Joe Irving
Walton Electric Trust Foundation
100+ Women Who Care Athens
Todd & Lisa Van Meter
Classic City Rotary Club
Phicas Foundation
Bulldog 93.3

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a sponsor? Check out our Sponsor Package for information on how we will recognize your gift.

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