(part of a new monthly series)

How did you first hear or learn about Books for Keeps?

Through a book drive at First American Bank & Trust

How long have you been volunteering or serving with Books for Keeps?

Beyond donating books, I have been serving Books for Keeps since August. 

Why did you choose to serve on the Books for Keeps’ board?

I grew up loving to read, and trips to the library throughout the summer were always a highlight.  Providing access to books to kids in  my community for that oh so sweet summer-reading that can also enrich their lives, and have positive long-term effects, like graduating high school, excites me.  Making an impact with the potential for long-term positive results for the children in our community, yes please.

Have you had an inspiring/memorable interaction with a student since working with Books for Keeps? Tell us about it!

When I volunteered at this year’s book sale, my first, a whole family came in with their bags from book distribution day at their school last year.  These kids ranged in age from 4-13, and they were truly excited to re-fill their bags.  It was such a visible positive effect of the program.  Honestly, it hit me right in the feels. 

Have you worked with other non-profits in the past? Which ones?  

Yes, the United Way of Northeast Georgia, Java Joy, and  I serve as head of our Community Involvement Committee at First American.  This role gives me the opportunity to learn about and interact with many local non-profits.

What strengths are you bringing to Books for Keeps?  

Mostly upper body, kidding.  I’m bringing marketing experience and a whole load of passion for making a difference in our community.  A difference with long-term effects for improving [...]