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How did you first hear or learn about Books for Keeps?

I first learned about Books for Keeps through the Annual Book Sale. I have a voracious appetite for books (I think our collection is up in the 5 figure range now), and the sale always has a great selection. I learned more about the organization and the mission through some of the tech companies I’ve worked with in Athens (namely Seller Labs and BookScouter, via Brandon and Dustin Checketts), and I felt motivated to get more involved.

How long have you been volunteering or serving with Books for Keeps?

I’ve been serving on the Board of BFK since January (of 2018), and have had the opportunity to volunteer at some book distributions and the book sale. It’s a great experience, especially book distributions – watching the kids get pumped about picking out books is tons of fun.

Why did you choose to serve on the Books for Keeps’ board?

As I mentioned, I love reading – my dad was a teacher, and literacy of all kinds has always been a passion of mine. Working with an organization like BFK is an opportunity to advance that passion. A love of reading translates to a love of learning, which I think is a key ingredient in enjoying life and being successful.

Have you worked with other non-profits in the past? Which ones?  

I’ve also been involved in improving technical literacy and helping develop technology skills through Four Athens. Through teaching technology and coding classes, as well as a stint as Executive Director, I worked in the community to help tech-focused startups get off the ground, and helped develop a workforce that could support those startups.

What strengths are you [...]