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How did you first hear or learn about Books for Keeps?

Board member Camilla Bracewell contacted me when the Development Committee was looking for fundraising ideas, and another board member, Joyce Waller, brought up bunco as an idea. They knew that I had organized bunco events before for Piedmont Athens Regional Hosital, so they asked me if I would like to help. I said “sure,” and my involvement started there!

How long have you been volunteering or serving with Books for Keeps?

I started volunteering with bunco planning in October of 2017 for the January 2018 Bunco for Books event, and I officially joined the Development Committee soon after.  I then joined the BFK board in January of this year.

Why did you choose to serve on the Books for Keeps’ board?

Camilla indicated that Books for Keeps was looking to grow their board and asked me if I would be interested- and I said yes. I had retired the fall before, and I knew that I wanted to up my involvement in volunteering. This organization is something that really appeals to me because of my love of reading and because it really speaks to my background as a manager. Helping students be better and have bigger futures directly impacts our future workforce, as well as their lives.

Have you had an inspiring/memorable interaction with a student since working with Books for Keeps? (This can be a direct interaction or something you observed.) If so, tell us about it.

My only opportunity to work with students so far was volunteering at the Athens Farmer’s Market last year, and it was great having the parents and kids come by our booth and talk about knowing about Books for [...]