Today I have new clarity of mind thanks to a brain pickin’ session with Martin Matheny. Martin gave me pointers on dealing with the media, which gives me nightmares, chills and a bellyache all at the same time.

Not that I expect the media to be camped outside my door or anything! But when I contact the Athens Banner Herald to be included in the Blueprint section, there’s certainly a chance I’ll wind up talking to a reporter. I want to do the best I possibly can to present Books for Keeps (and I have a huge fear of looking like a moronic dufus with a giant foot stuck in my mouth) so I asked Martin for help.

The double benefit to me is that, in clarifying how I would explain things to a reporter, I’m learning how to better explain things to everybody. And I’m game for anything that might lead to more, more, more books for kids.

So thank you, Martin, for letting my brain soak up what’s in your brain. I feel more prepared, and less afraid.

Y’all check out Martin’s blog posts for He’s passionate about preventing cruelty to animals and his writing inspires me to work on mine. (Especially my fondness for commas, dashes, and “…..” Later though…)