The way things are going, it looks like future book deliveries won’t all be in summer, nor will they all be in a satchel. It seems a new name is in order. Friends sent in great suggestions for a new name; many of them were already in use elsewhere, but I settled on Books For Keeps.

Why? Because the very first Summer Satchel delivery grew out of my dismay that a little girl who loved to read didn’t have a single book in her home. And I was in tears upon learning it’s a common, widespread problem… to the point that some kids forget how to read over the summer.

Not everybody’s parents can/will take their kids to the library. Even in families with plenty of money, if the parents don’t value reading they may not make books available to their kids.

So for now… for this project… the kids get to own the books. They can write their names in them if they want to. Share them or not share them. Mark up favorite pages. Scribble on the cover. Whatever. They can say “This is MY book!” And probably… they’ll READ them.

I’m working on a separate blog for Books For Keeps. It’s hideous right now but I’m hoping some kind soul will step up and give me some design advice. Let me spiff it up a bit then I’ll tell you how to find it!