I’ve delivered 1500 books and 200 workbooks (thanks Lori!) to Alps Road Elementary. Tomorrow is the big day!

Thanks everybody for feedback on whether or not to hoard my surplus of books. I talked to the Outreach Coordinator at Alps today, and we’ve come up with a tentative plan that will spread the book wealth to other students over the summer and leave plenty for a head start on next year’s program. More on that later.

Today when I delivered 2 carloads of books, there were parent volunteers in the library sorting books. I’ve never seen such a sight. Hopefully I’ll get there tomorrow before the kids start selecting books so I can take a “before” picture.

And I must admit, I’m looking forward to having my regular life back. I’ve been ordering, sorting, stacking, and boxing books for about 12 hours a day for the last 10 days. It’s been fun, but the laundry isn’t going to wash itself!

Stay tuned….