I don’t know if you get tired of reading them, but I never get tired of posting them: thank yous!

Shout out to sister Bird and the tennis players in last weekend’s round robin at Bitsy Grant. Bird sent a quick email to attendees letting them know to bring their books, and Books for Keeps netted over 100 books! Some were adult books, which will boost my dwindling inventory of “swappables”. I’m happy to see we’ve added some books for our newly adopted middle and high school students too. Thank you Bird & fellow sweaty-but-generous tennis players!

Michelle from Ontario Canada is helping me find new material for the elementary school kids to read. She sent a box of brand new “Go Girl!” books, which will be great for the 1st and 2nd graders. And… she sent another big box packed with over 50 books she’s collected over the past few weeks. Michelle sends me books so often I’m getting carpal tunnel just recording them all. What a great problem to have. Thank you Michelle!

Lori from Decatur collected more books from her coworkers… another great box of books for kids of all ages; they’ll find good homes for sure. Lori, I know your gas mileage will improve now that they’re finally out of your trunk. Thank you!

Peta from London – 50 BookMooch points??!! Wow – I can certainly put those to good use. Thank you… two days in a row!

And today we had another donation from the mysterious BookMoocher “A” . Ok, it’s not really that mysterious. But it’s the second time she? he? has sent a batch of extra books when I mooch only one, and I still don’t know his? her? name. That’s ok, I know where you live (on BookMooch, that is!) Thank you!

It’s been a fun day of collecting and counting books, but I haven’t done a single thing on my to-do list. So… I’m taking a break from books and dealing with my other life. Til tomorrow, anyway.