My official inventory count is 680 books, but I only count the books that have been boxed for storage. I have open boxes that aren’t quite full so they haven’t been counted, and I have books on the way from a variety of sources. Altogether, I’m guessing I have about 1200 books somewhere in the process of being donated, delivered, or counted.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have almost enough books to cover the Alps Elementary distribution next spring. Which means the possibility of adopting one more school – or maybe even more than one – is looking like a reality.

I’m planning a book drive, hopefully for late August or early September. This week I’m working on securing drop off locations. Then I’ll work on boxes/bins & signs for the drop off locations. Then I’ll work on publicizing the book drive.

I would also LOVE to find a bookstore that will put our wishlist books by the cash register with a sign encouraging patrons to purchase a book for our drive.

If you have any ideas for me, please send them my way. And wish me luck!