What a difference a week makes. Things are just getting better and better here at Books for Keeps.

The majority of the unsorted books have been moved to our new sort room, so I can’t be distracted by my sorting obsession while I’m working from home.

Three wonderful angels – Mary, Kay and Katherine – handle the majority of our book mooching. Michelle and Donna appear to be funneling every book in Canada straight to Athens. My niece MK logs the books received and spends much of each Tuesday running Books for Keeps errands.

Cathy K, a former nonprofit Executive Director, is helping me organize a lot of the administrative aspects of Books for Keeps so we can take advantage of opportunities that come our way.

Brett, a UGA volunteer, found a web site to help me publish our volunteer sort days. It allows people to read the tasks they’ll perform and sign up on the spot.

Patti, a language arts consultant/teacher/book reviewer is pulling together an advisory group of media specialists to help with everything from designing distribution programs to keeping our wish list current with new, popular titles.

Volunteers are signing up for our first two sort days. It’s weird to realize I won’t see, examine, touch every book myself.

Alex and Shayne, Whatever It Takes gurus, are helping me plan a book drive wrap party that will be a mini-book drive in itself. I hope we can pull it off!

So what am I doing? Everything else! This very minute, I’m focused most on creating well-defined volunteer job descriptions. Basically, I’m dividing my massive to do list into chunks that could be divvied up among all the different people who want to help but are waiting for me to give them something to do. These will be posted online so folks can figure out for themselves where their skills will fit best.

The one casualty of all this progress: my ability to report our inventory count. I’ll only be able to update it on book sorting days. I miss it already, but it’s a small price to pay for this new level of forward momentum. If I had to guess, I’d say there are 500-700 uncounted books sitting in boxes in the new sorting room.

I’m tired, happy, and optimistic. And thankful for YOU. Keep sending those books.