It’s been a remarkable year for Books for Keeps – we added our second employee, two-and-a-half years after BFK Executive Director was first hired in 2013. We added a new school, our first since 2014, and are deep into preparations to add four new schools in 2017.

We’re so not done growing.

Books for Keeps is excited to announce the addition of two part-time positions, to begin work in early 2017. These positions, an administrative assistant and a communications manager, could be combined into a single position depending on an individual’s resume and experience.

Check out the administrative assistant job description here and the communications manager job description here.

These positions will help Books for Keeps scale up, get stronger and smarter with the use of the executive director’s and program manager’s time, and enable us to start reaching 14 new schools over the next three years. Have questions? Just email Leslie directly:

Oh, and here are a few numbers from 2016: