Today Books for Keeps is delivering 17,487 books to 4 schools. Am I the only person having trouble grasping that this is real? 17,487 books. 4 schools. 1,600 kids.

Last week Books for Keeps was in a bit of a bind. We had absolutely no idea how we’d deliver the books and were running out of time. It’s my fault; I was so focused on raising enough books, I never thought about how we’d deliver them. Last year I just put the books in my car.

As with every other near-crisis we’ve faced, the Books for Keeps Guardian Angel was on duty.

Two Men and a Truck has agreed to deliver ALL of the books. This morning. At 8:30. What a relief and a blessing. The sort room will sit empty for two whole days, til Kay arrives with 2,500 more books from our BookMoochers and out-of-state donors. I’ll have to deliver those books myself, and I’m not complaining.

If you have time, please tell Two Men and a Truck what a wonderful thing they’ve done for Athens kids and Books for Keeps. You can post a comment on their Facebook page, or leave a message on their Web site.

Pictures coming soon….