After a year of hard work, the fun begins!

Come help us distribute books to children; it just might be the easiest volunteer job you’ve ever had. Volunteer shifts are listed below. They range from about 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours, and you’re welcome to choose more than one. Training takes place in the first 10 minutes of each shift. Just wear comfortable shoes for standing.

To sign up: click the button below and enter your email address to view the shifts. Then click the shift you’d like to sign up for. For instructions and the address, click “More Details” next to the shift name.


Mon. April 30th
Morning: 7:50-11:00  Still need 2 people
Afternoon: 11:40-2:30 full

Tue. May 1st
Morning: 7:50-10:10 Still need 2 people
Mid: 10:10-11:55 
Afternoon: 12:35-2:25


Wed. May 2nd
Morning: 8:50-10:40 full
Afternoon: 11:30-2:15

Thu. May 3rd
Morning: 8:20-10:15
Mid: 10:15-12:00
Afternoon: 12:50-2:15 Still need 2 people


Mon. May 7th
Morning: 7:45-10:45full

Tue. May 8th
Morning: 8:50-11:35 (Clarke County School District) Full
Afternoon: 12:25-1:50 (Clarke County School District) Full


Wed May 9th
Morning: 8:45-10:40 (UGA Volunteer Dawgs) Full
Afternoon: 11:30-2:15 (UGA Volunteer Dawgs) Full

Thu May 10th
Morning: 8:20-11:30 (Alpha Beta Gamma of Athens Technical College) Full
Afternoon: 12:20-2:10 (Alpha Beta Gamma of Athens Technical College) Full


Thu May 10th
Morning: 8:50-10:50
Afternoon: 11:50-2:10 (Fire & Flavor) Full

Fri May 11th
Morning: 8:20-10:10
Mid: 10:30-12:20 (Athens Lunchtime Optimist Club) Full
Afternoon: 12:40-2:05 Full