What would we do without our generous class sponsors?  Whether businesses, civic groups, family memorials or groups of friends, these folks contributed $480 to provide 12 books to every child in one class.  Click the links to read their stories, if they’ve shared them, or to visit their web sites.

May, 2014 Class Sponsors

We are now seeking sponsors for 105 classes of students in K-5 at five Athens elementary schools where 90% or more of students qualify for free/reduced-price lunch.  We hope to have our books ready to go by December 31st, so we need sponsors now!  Thank you to these generous sponsors:

Five Points Yoga
Model Citizen Salon

May 2013 Class Sponsors

Allergy Partners of Georgia
Bitsy Grant Round Robin Tournament
Gwinnett Lumber Remanufacturing
Griffin Family Memorial
Holland and Company
John Wilhelm Memorial
Macrae Designs
MDS Girls (2 Classes)
Niolon Lumber Sales
Susan Cooper Memorial (4 classes)
UNC Kappa Girls
Anonymous, Athens GA
Anonymous, Athens GA
Anonymous, Athens GA
Anonymous, Arcade GA