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The Mother of All Shout-Outs

Book drive preparation and myriad other responsibilities have kept me from sharing all the good things happening here over the past few weeks. I’m allowing myself a break to get you caught up. But I must confess, I’m doing it for selfish reasons. I’ve been so slammed, so overwhelmed, that I just want to take a few minutes and focus on the blessings instead. I need a boost, and this will do it!But where do I start?How about the folks who’ve volunteered to monitor drop-off bins for an entire month? Jamie, Michelle, Natasha, Sayge, Johanna, Linh, Lauren, Molly, Melissa, Leigh, and Shayne: THANK YOU. There’s no way I could do it by myself.Like my last Shout Out post, there’s a category for Emergency Rescue. My rescuer? Emily, from the Oconee campus of Gainesville State College. The clock was ticking down and I had no signs for the drop off bins. She not only finished the sign design, she got the school to donate the signs themselves: 18×24 poster-sized signs that a friend had priced at $22 each if I printed them. They are gorgeous, and catastrophe was avoided. Thank you Emily and Gainesville State!Sandy from Ventura California continues to send in box after box of popular, pristine books that I’m holding in reserve for a set of the neediest kids. Sandy, I really don’t know what Books for Keeps would do without you. Thank you.BookMoochers continue to donate points (although my angel moochers have been so effective that we’ve used most of them!) Thank you Gabrielle in Massachusets, Chen in Israel, Debbi in Alabama, Ethel in Connecticut, Jessica in Italy, [...]

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Thank you, Mommy Octopus!

Erin over at Mommy Octopus is sharing news about our book drive with her blog readers. Every bit of publicity helps, and I’m grateful.I took a look at her blog, and was blown away by the money-saving tips she posts. She feeds a family of 5 on $50 a month (?!) and shares her tips online. Check out her blog if you want to learn how to cut your grocery bill. I’m thinking…. cutting my grocery bill = more $$ to buy books for kids!Thanks Erin, for helping us spread the word!Mommy Octopus BlogMommy Octopus Facebook Page

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Shout Out!

I’ve committed the nearly unforgivable crime of waiting so long to say thank you that I’m sure I’ll forget some of you who really went out of your way to help. I’m going to try anyway…Sandy from Ventura CA donated 8 BOXES of high-demand books in pristine condition. They’re so nice, in fact, that I’ve set them aside for a special program I’m hoping to develop for the neediest of the needy. Thank you Sandy!Heather from Yuma, AZ sent so many packages of books that I lost count. They just kept showing up, day after day. Not only do I appreciate the books, Heather, but the support and humor you send my way electronically. Thank you!Michelle from Ontario, Canada continues to send boxes of books as she collects them, and how’s this for inspiration: she collects books throughout the year to give out on Halloween night. I’m hoping she’ll tell us how she does it. Stay tuned…Classic City Orthodontics and City Salon & Spa: our first two drop off locations continue to collect books for us. I picked up batches from both last week. Thank you for giving folks a place to take their books. I don’t mind meeting people in parking lots, but this is certainly more convenient.Alexa in LA, like all of the people mentioned above, is a repeat donor who also surprised me with a shipment of books in the last week. While supporting Books for Keeps, Alexa is also trying to build a library at her son’s school. Good luck, and thank you Alexa. Carrie, from New Ulm, MN surprised me with another box of books [...]

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Angels really do exist!

Today I’m especially thankful for the BookMooch angels who keep a steady supply of books streaming in my door.I’ve mentioned BookMooch a gazillion times, I know. So much of our inventory comes from BookMooch members; they must be some of the most generous people in the world. But I can only mooch so many books before my account hits its limit. Thank goodness for angels!Bonnie, Kerry, Meg and Katherine wait in the wings, ready for action. If I find a good inventory, I send an email and they mooch away… and the books show up, like magic, at my door. Mary and Claire keep an eye on the Books for Keeps wish list. If a book we can use get posted they snap it up… and the books show up, like magic, at my door.The reason I’m bringing this up is that today I got 7 packages of books in the mail. 6 of those were mooched by an angel on Books for Keeps’ behalf. It’s making an amazing difference in our inventory, which means more and more kids will become book owners.So today, a special thank you to our BookMooch angels: Bonnie, Kerry, Meg, Katherine, Mary & Claire. I’m so relieved to have you on my side and please know that you are making a difference I can’t even begin to quantify. Books for the kids, and peace of mind for me. THANK YOU!MelaneyPS: I haven’t even told y’all about my thrift store angels yet. If you’re doubtful that angels exist, give me a call and I’ll set you straight.

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You’ve Been Busy!

So many people to thank today! I wish every job was this easy.Mom, in Macon GA, bought 4 Wimpy Kids for the cause. I’m trying to convince her to become a permanent Books for Keeps volunteer but she is resisting mightily. Until then, thanks Mom!Bayne and his dad (ummm…. that’s my husband and father-in-law) hit a flea market and scored almost 200 books for TEN DOLLARS. Can you believe it? And I was able to use most of them, including 2 Wimpy Kids and a pile of books on the middle school wish list. Thanks Bayne and B.E.!Bonnie in Prosperity, SC was packaging up some books mooched by one of my “angel moochers” (shout out to Kerry!) when her young daughter got involved. Seems she wanted her mom to give ALL the books to Books for Keeps – even those already promised to others. Bonnie compromised by throwing in a bunch of extras and they’re great. Thank you Bonnie… and Kerry, too!Nancy in Staten Island NY sent a box of NEW early-reader chapter books that look like they’ll be a lot of fun. Nancy’s been supporting Books for Keeps since before we had a name, and I am profoundly grateful for people like her who keep us in mind when they see an opportunity to help. Thank you Nancy!Melissa in Spring Lake, NJ threw in a Wimpy Kid for the cause. She’s a PaperBackSwap user and those are some of the hardest points to earn. Thank you Melissa!Carrie from New Ulm, MN surprised me with a box of books covering all age ranges. I love a good surprise! Thank [...]

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Another Round of Thanks….

I don’t know if you get tired of reading them, but I never get tired of posting them: thank yous!Shout out to sister Bird and the tennis players in last weekend’s round robin at Bitsy Grant. Bird sent a quick email to attendees letting them know to bring their books, and Books for Keeps netted over 100 books! Some were adult books, which will boost my dwindling inventory of “swappables”. I’m happy to see we’ve added some books for our newly adopted middle and high school students too. Thank you Bird & fellow sweaty-but-generous tennis players!Michelle from Ontario Canada is helping me find new material for the elementary school kids to read. She sent a box of brand new “Go Girl!” books, which will be great for the 1st and 2nd graders. And… she sent another big box packed with over 50 books she’s collected over the past few weeks. Michelle sends me books so often I’m getting carpal tunnel just recording them all. What a great problem to have. Thank you Michelle!Lori from Decatur collected more books from her coworkers… another great box of books for kids of all ages; they’ll find good homes for sure. Lori, I know your gas mileage will improve now that they’re finally out of your trunk. Thank you!Peta from London – 50 BookMooch points??!! Wow – I can certainly put those to good use. Thank you… two days in a row!And today we had another donation from the mysterious BookMoocher “A” . Ok, it’s not really that mysterious. But it’s the second time she? he? [...]

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Check out that inventory count!

We’re getting close to a number that will cover 2 elementary schools and it’s only August!Books for Keeps received over 300 books from our first-ever drop-off site, Classic City Orthodontics. Come spring, 100 kids will be book owners thanks to Betsy, Tradd, Amy and their patients. Y’all are the best. I don’t know any other way to say it.Sandy from Ventura California sent another box of pristine, colorful, current books that kids will fight over. And this box arrived just 2 weeks after her equally amazing first shipment. A girl could get spoiled with this kind of treatment. Sandy, your books are very special and will make some kids sooo happy!Books have also been arriving every day from my three “angel moochers” Kerry, Meg and Katherine. I know, I’ve thanked them already but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.Colleen from Wisconsin threw in a bunch of extra books when I ordered one itty bitty book from her. I wish there was a “ka-ching” sound one could associate with kids becoming book owners. Til somebody comes up with one… thank you Colleen!Alexa from L.A. donated MORE PaperBackSwap points. PBS points are hard to earn and are my primary source of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Thanks to you, Alexa, I may never have to pass up another copy.Speaking of Wimpy Kid books… shout out to Peta in London. She keeps an eye out for new Wimpy Kid postings on BookMooch, and sends me an email as soon as she sees one. We have 3 or 4 en route after only a few days, and it’s kind of funny considering BookMooch [...]

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10 hours of sleep and a WONDERFUL morning!

I was dead on my feet all day yesterday. Two hours of sleep (thanks to a claw in the eye, courtesy of my kitty Scamp), then meetings and appointments spaced every 2 hours until almost 8pm. You’d think I would’ve gone to bed right away, but I was still on a high from seeing the boxes of books that arrived in the mail, so I wound down by sorting books.(Now that I think about it, when I couldn’t sleep at 1am, I got up and sorted books.) And here I am, finally awake today, and I’m in the best mood because of emails I received from new potential donors.Where am I going with all this? It just struck me that I could make money on the side by marketing Books for Keeps as an activity for insomniacs, a non-chemical energy booster, AND a cure for depression.But I’m getting off track. When I arrived home late yesterday, there were boxes of books stacked at the door. Some were deliveries I’d mooched from BookMooch, but 2 big boxes were from two of our Canadian donors.Michelle and Sandra, both from Ontario Canada, are two of our donors who go out of their way to find books on our wishlist then send them free of charge. It’s expensive to mail books from Canada, folks! This is no small thing.Michelle goes out of her way to send me ideas for new books the kids might like. She sends me links to new inventories on BookMooch. She hands out books to trick or treaters at Halloween! In Michelle’s own words “Searching out your preferred titles has turned into a [...]

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Books Galore!

Less than a week ago I bragged that I’d finally gotten my books so organized and put away that you wouldn’t see a single child-oriented book anywhere in the house. Happily, I am eating my words. Books everywhere! I can hardly walk in certain rooms, and forget about eating at the dining room table. I’ve already mentioned most of the people who donated books in the last few days, but I had another surprise when the mail came yesterday afternoon.Sandy in Ventura CA and Liz from Shady Side MD win the prize for “most pristine” books. I’m telling you, they look brand new. Sandy and Liz both mailed big boxes of the most wonderful books covering every grade in elementary school. The kids will fight over these for sure. It’s been a great few days for Books for Keeps. Inventory in-hand of almost 1,700 books, and another 200-300 books in various stages of transit. Yeah, I could get used to this. AND – I have even more to tell you about my meeting with the folks from Whatever it Takes. But I’m running on 2 hours of sleep and want to pinch myself first, to make sure it’s not a dream.

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It’s not even lunchtime….

…. and I already have people to thank today!Last night three BookMooch “angels” offered to order books for Books for Keeps so that my account doesn’t hit the moochable limit. For you non-moochers, this may not sound like a big deal. But it involves a tedious amount of record-keeping, and lots and lots of click, click, clicking to request books one at a time. So thank you Katherine in Illinois, Kerry in California, and Meg in California… my newest angels, your help is sooo appreciated and you make it possible for me to use the points that other folks donate for the cause. And a shout out to Ginger, here in Athens, a repeat Books for Keeps supporter. 4 bags bursting with books… can’t wait to go through them. Also, I met with Anisa from Clarke County schools. She agreed to help me come up with a method for choosing the next school we adopt, for spreading the word about the book drive, and she has some ideas for book-drop locations too. I appreciate your time Anisa, especially considering that your office is swarmed with people registering their children for school today. What a way to start a Tuesday! Off to count the latest influx of books…..

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