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It’s going to be a BIG week. (I hope.)

This week I’m meeting with people from the Clarke County School System and a new Athens initiative, Whatever It Takes. I’m so hopeful that good things will come out of these meetings, but won’t bore you with what may or may not happen. If there’s news to report you know I’ll post it.This week is off to a great start! Bayne and I went to Macon Sunday to visit family… and I came home with 90 books!Shout out to Jade (one of my first friends in Athens) and Sayge, the Freecycler from Watkinsville I mentioned in an earlier post. Both cleaned off their bookshelves and donated top quality books from great authors.And another shout out to Mom, who produced a stack of books out of thin air. Where has she been hiding these things?Then the mail arrived. Jan, a repeat supporter from Davis CA sent another big box of books. Hers are BookCrossing books, so kids who end up with her books can look them up online and see where they’ve traveled. I love surprises like this!Jeannie, a BookMoocher from Marysville WA also sent a box of books; I mooched 2 books from her and she threw in many extras… all great books.Taylor in Atlanta (who also happens to be my sweet sister Bird) is having a book drive during her round robin tennis tournament in a few weeks… AND, her mother-in-law Somai is placing a collection bin at her health club down in Dublin GA.And today I have another combo shout out. Jvonne and her daughter, both in Louisiana, gave free books and smokin’ point deals to Kay in Greenville SC, who is collecting books [...]

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Can a blog burst with gratitude?

What a wonderful couple of days this has been for Books for Keeps. I’m on a gratitude-induced high and want to share the love.Mom is getting in on the action! She’s already sacrificed her PaperbackSwap and BookMooch accounts to the cause. Now she’s scouting her neighborhood used book store for copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. AND she’s investigating the possibility of a Macon book drive. Fingers crossed!Kay in Greenville, SC has been collecting books for us for a couple of months now. She was one of Books for Keeps’ earliest supporters, and I love it when I get emails with the subject line “More, more, more books!” You brighten my day, Kay!Cindy, with First American Bank right here in Athens, has arranged for Books for Keeps to be the focus of the bank’s “Done in a Day” project in early 2011. What a great idea: a company-wide philanthropy project that can be done in… well… a day. Cindy has also offered some marketing support that I’ll desperately need in the near future. Whitney, also here in Athens, is helping me work on book drop locations. HUGE sigh of relief. And she’s sharing her friends with me – an act of kindness that words can’t convey. You’re the best, Whitney!Mary, the Family Resource Coordinator at Alps Road Elementary, has helped me clarify my thinking and identify options for giving more books per child to those we can identify as seriously in need. I have more homework to do before that becomes a reality, but don’t worry, I’m on it!Anisa, with Clarke County Schools, has offered her support with kicking off a book [...]

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Our first official book drop location!

A huge thank you to Classic City Orthodontics for hosting Books for Keeps’ first official collection bins. Starting tomorrow our bins will be located in both offices, where they’ll stay til end of October.Not only will this help us collect books, it’ll help spread the word too. It feels like Books for Keeps won the lottery!Thank you, Tradd, Betsy and Amy, for making it possible for more families to share their books with kids who desperately need them.

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Good news keeps rolling in….

I woke up this morning to an email from Heather in Arizona. Last night Heather spent a big chunk of time mooching 50+ books for Books for Keeps. Sounds easy, but it’s a lot of work. She mooched them from Annie in Missouri, who threw in extra books for the cause and posted 2 boxes of books, Athens-bound.I received a selection of Goosebumps and Captain Underpants from Laura in California. I love it when books show up in the mail, especially when they’re books that “reluctant readers” will read!A donor from New Jersey (whose name I don’t know) threw in some Judy Moody and Cam Jansen books with one I requested… another welcome surprise. And Aaron in Virginia passed along some extra Judy Blume books with another book I requested.And Rachel in Atlanta! She’s having a neighborhood/office book drive for Books for Keeps, and had 400+ books at last count.Thank you, thank you, thank you Heather, Annie, Laura, our donor from New Jersey, Aaron, and Rachel… for your generosity, and for helping brighten a day that got off to a bad start.

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BookMoochers are the BEST!

The BookMoochers continue to come through for Books for Keeps; I continue to be amazed by their kindness and generosity.Thank you, Rebecca from New Jersey, Lizzy from Maryland, and Sandy from California, for donating points. It gives me peace of mind to see points accumulating in the Books for Keeps account, and that’s priceless.Peta from London, England, has a copy of our most coveted book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and she’s sending it to Athens! She also donated points to our cause here in Athens. I’m kind of speechless.Heather from Arizona collected many books for us this week and let me mooch them all for 2 tiny little points. As if that’s not enough, she’s agreed to mooch books on my behalf… long story for non-bookmoochers, but it’s all about the mooch ratio. Mooching for someone else is a CHORE but she’s agreed to do it.Thank you, BookMoochers, for being so good to Books for Keeps. If I missed naming any of you, please know I appreciate every single point, every act of generosity. I’m ending the weekend on a high note, filled with gratitude and hope, thanks to all of you.MelaneyPS – An update about my BookMooch charity account request: uh, I have no update. I write in every 3-4 weeks asking for an update but have never heard a peep. I’m sure they are inundated with requests all the time. I’ll just carry on and hope to hear from them.

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A new kind of progress!

Today I have new clarity of mind thanks to a brain pickin’ session with Martin Matheny. Martin gave me pointers on dealing with the media, which gives me nightmares, chills and a bellyache all at the same time.Not that I expect the media to be camped outside my door or anything! But when I contact the Athens Banner Herald to be included in the Blueprint section, there’s certainly a chance I’ll wind up talking to a reporter. I want to do the best I possibly can to present Books for Keeps (and I have a huge fear of looking like a moronic dufus with a giant foot stuck in my mouth) so I asked Martin for help.The double benefit to me is that, in clarifying how I would explain things to a reporter, I’m learning how to better explain things to everybody. And I’m game for anything that might lead to more, more, more books for kids. So thank you, Martin, for letting my brain soak up what’s in your brain. I feel more prepared, and less afraid.Y’all check out Martin’s blog posts for He’s passionate about preventing cruelty to animals and his writing inspires me to work on mine. (Especially my fondness for commas, dashes, and “…..” Later though…)

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Go ahead, make my day.

Sometimes the smallest gesture can make such an impact, and usually when you least expect it.I mooched 2 books from my wishlist from Christy in Minnesota, and received this message from her: “Kids need books more than I need more points. Go mooch another book!” She returned my Bookmooch points so I could use them for other things.You’d think I’d be used to this sort of thing, but I found myself with chillbumps on my arms and a heart full of gratitude. What a great way to start the weekend… as the recipient of a random act of kindness that never fails to restore my faith in people. Five minutes ago I was tired and wishing for a nap. Now my energy is renewed and I’m ready to search for more book sources. Thank you Christy!

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Shout Out – To the north and across the pond!

Today I’m shouting northward to Ohio, and across the pond to London, England. Thank you, Victoria from Ohio and Peta from London, for your generous donations of Bookmooch points. I love the thought that books will be placed in homes here in Athens compliments of two women on totally different continents. I appreciate your generosity and will put your points to good use. Thank you!

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Shout out!

Thank you, Lisa in Ohio and Laura here in Georgia, for donating BookMooch points. I’m working to amass as many points as possible so I can start mooching in early 2011 for the May book distributions. Every point counts and I appreciate yours!

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Shout out to Cara in Canada!

Thank you, Cara from Canada, for donating BookMooch points today! Cara’s dad was born in Athens and now her BookMooch points are headed here. I need soooo many copies of the popular kids’ series books, and BookMooch is an easy way to get them… provided I have points. So thank you, Cara, for making it easier for me to collect the books the kids want most!

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