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A Trans-Atlantic Shout Out… Parlez Vous Francais?

This shout out is to Margot in Sahune, France. Margot is a BookMooch member and has been supporting Books for Keeps – from France – since my very first plea for help. Margot knows I’m hoarding BookMooch points just in case BookMooch doesn’t grant my charity request. She’s mooched books (using her own points) from as far away as the Philippines and had them shipped to Georgia. Yesterday I received a huge box of RL Stine books; there must be 50 books in there. Margot mooched this stash from Josie in Louisiana. Merci beaucoup, Margot, for your ongoing support. The books are great, and saving Books for Keeps’ Bookmooch points is great too! It makes me smile to think of you over in France, thinking of us over here in Athens.

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Shoutin’ to Ohio….

Shout out to Rhonda from Lyndhurst, Ohio for sending Captain Underpants our way! Rhonda, a repeat Books for Keeps donor, spotted Captain Underpants at a library book sale and snapped up a few copies. Now here they are, ready and waiting for a child in Athens to take them home.I am always thrilled when someone sends a surprise package! And Captain Underpants books are great for “reluctant readers” so they’re a must have for every book distribution. Thank you, Rhonda – for thinking of Books for Keeps and taking the time to shop for us.

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A Mother/Daughter Shout-Out!

Alexa is a repeat supporter of Books for Keeps, and now she’s gotten her mother involved. And so we have our first mother/daughter shout out.Alexa and her mom Elinor were in Barnes and Noble when they noticed a “buy 2, get 1 free” sale on Junie B Jones books. They snapped some up, and went on to purchase an assortment of brightly-colored, intriguing looking books… just the kind the kids gravitate towards during our giveaways.Brand new books are a rarity here at Books for Keeps, and so are mother/daughter combo donations. So thank you, Alexa and Elinor, for thinking of the kids here in Athens and providing books they’ll love. MelaneyPS: It was a nice post-vacay surprise for me too!

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Shout Out… and another FIRST

This shout out is to Stacey Lundgren, author of “Bucketfilling Stories”. Stacey heard about Books for Keeps from another supporter, and sent 2 autographed copies of her book to include in our next book distribution.In Stacey’s own words, the book uses stories to teach children that “treating others with kindness and love results in their own happiness.” (I’m excited the next distribution isn’t until May; it’ll give me time to read the book.)Thank you Stacey! You’ve made a special contribution to Books for Keeps and I’ll make sure the books find a good homes here in Athens.

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Shout Out! Heather in Yuma, AZ

Heather in Yuma, AZ is my new favorite person of the moment. At our last book distribution, the boys were begging for joke books and sports books. Heather read about it on our blog, and kept her eyes open for both. She found joke books – about sports! Surely a war will be waged over these books at the next giveaway…Thank you, Heather, for keeping Books for Keeps’ “wish list” in mind and for sending along the extra books. And a speedy recovery to your mom!

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Our first Shout Out "Combo"

This shout out is to Michelle in Kingston, Ontario Canada AND Theresa in Virginia, who I haven’t “met” yet. They’re repeat supporters who worked out some sort of BookMooch deal with each other when my account was frozen for “over-mooching”. I received a box crammed full of books from Michelle, and I’m pretty sure it was Theresa’s Bookmooch points that made it possible. And somehow there’s a box of books on the way from Theresa, too. I don’t know how it works, but I know I appreciate it! Today’s shipment includes some Junie B Jones and Captain Underpants books, which will help in the prevention of a riot when I hand out books next spring.Thank you, Michelle and Theresa. I don’t know how you did it, but Books for Keeps’ inventory certainly benefits from your generosity and creativity!

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Another Shout Out to Canada!

This time I’m shouting out to Donna in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Donna is a repeat supporter of Books for Keeps and is providing an interesting kind of support right now. She’s keeping a steady stream of ideas coming my way, and it’s really helping me shift focus from sorting and counting books to thinking of ways to get more, more, MORE books.One of today’s topics was a Books for Keeps bookmark. Cheaper, easier, and more versatile than a bookplate… I love the idea; it’s on the to-do list. And get this – Donna recommended Books for Keeps to Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. I’m afraid to dream that big right now, but wanted to share another example of one person doing a few seemingly small things that make a big difference. Hooray for having supporters like this!Thank you Donna – can’t wait to hear the rest of your ideas… I’m starting a new week feeling inspired and ready to go!

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Shout Out – Thanks Alexa!

This shout out is to Alexa in Sherman Oaks, California. She saw our wish list and realized she already had some of the books we’re wanting. So she popped them in the mail and here they are in Athens… that’s simple.But Alexa did more than just send the books. She donated PaperBackSwap credits, which I’ll use to get copies of the elusive Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. AND she posted info about Books for Keeps on her Facebook page, which led to even more people hearing about our cause.Alexa mentioned it didn’t seem like a huge contribution, but I think this is the perfect example of how one person can do a few simple things and make a tremendous difference. So thank you, Alexa. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a big deal for Books for Keeps. We need you, and more like you. Thank you for helping spread the word!

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Shout Out to Jan in California!

Books for Keeps inventory grew by another boxful today. Box 1 of 2 from Jan in Davis, California arrived today and it’s full of good quality books with colorful covers that will draw the kids in. This isn’t the first time Jan has shipped books cross-country for the kids here in Athens, two boxes at a time. She’s a repeat supporter whose books are now resting comfortably in the homes of children all over Athens.Thank you Jan, for yet another shipment of books… and for helping loosen that little stress knot that’s been forming behind my neck as I worry about inventory for the coming year!

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Shout Out – Can you hear me in Canada?

Another step forward for Books to Keeps’ inventory rebuilding… this time thanks to Sandra at the Home Education Resource Emporium in Ontario Canada. Sandra sent a box full of some of our most-wanted books, and a little bird told me she’s already started another box to send later. If you’re a home schooler, check out the Home Education Resource Emporium. Not that I’m an expert by any means, but the prices look great to me. Sandra also writes a home education blog and has mentioned Books for Keeps. Thanks Sandra, for a great load of books and for supporting Books for Keeps!

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