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Shout Out – Thanks Ginger!

This shout out is for Ginger from Athens, who not only donated 2 bags of books this morning, but gave my confidence a boost at the same time. When I told her my goal is tentatively 2,000 books by May she said “By May? We can do that, no problem!” She’s collecting books in her neighborhood and telling people about Books for Keeps, and man-oh-man do I appreciate it. Thanks Ginger, for the books, the support, and for starting my day off just right!

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Shout Out!

I’ve been waiting for the new blog design to start a “shout out!” section, but I can’t wait any more.Nancy from Staten Island gets Books for Keeps’ very first Shout Out!I was just fretting over how to start rebuilding my inventory when I saw the mail carrier backing up the driveway. That’s my signal that something won’t fit in the box, and I was thrilled to receive two large boxes of books to kick off my inventory-rebuilding phase.Thank you Nancy – this isn’t the first time you’ve mailed boxes of books to the kids in Athens, and your support makes such a difference! (And made my day, too….)

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