We’re getting close to a number that will cover 2 elementary schools and it’s only August!

Books for Keeps received over 300 books from our first-ever drop-off site, Classic City Orthodontics. Come spring, 100 kids will be book owners thanks to Betsy, Tradd, Amy and their patients. Y’all are the best. I don’t know any other way to say it.

Sandy from Ventura California sent another box of pristine, colorful, current books that kids will fight over. And this box arrived just 2 weeks after her equally amazing first shipment. A girl could get spoiled with this kind of treatment. Sandy, your books are very special and will make some kids sooo happy!

Books have also been arriving every day from my three “angel moochers” Kerry, Meg and Katherine. I know, I’ve thanked them already but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Colleen from Wisconsin threw in a bunch of extra books when I ordered one itty bitty book from her. I wish there was a “ka-ching” sound one could associate with kids becoming book owners. Til somebody comes up with one… thank you Colleen!

Alexa from L.A. donated MORE PaperBackSwap points. PBS points are hard to earn and are my primary source of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Thanks to you, Alexa, I may never have to pass up another copy.

Speaking of Wimpy Kid books… shout out to Peta in London. She keeps an eye out for new Wimpy Kid postings on BookMooch, and sends me an email as soon as she sees one. We have 3 or 4 en route after only a few days, and it’s kind of funny considering BookMooch has an email alert system. Thank you Peta, for being faster than a speeding email and increasing the inventory of the kids #1 request.

Margot from France and Josephine from Louisiana have been at it again. Margot mooched another box of books from Josephine; Josephine offered Margot a great deal on the points, then shipped the books to Athens. Their first transaction gave Books for Keeps a head start on middle school books, and this second batch contains some of the elementary kids’ faves. Thank you Margot and Josephine!

Every once in a while a “stumper” shows up in the mail. Yesterday I received a Geronimo Stilton book from Fiona in Whitchurch, England. I guess it’s possible I forgot, but it’s rare for someone from another country to send a book so I think I’d remember if someone told me they were mailing a book across the pond. Fiona, thank you! And I’d love to know how you heard about Books for Keeps!

As always, my apologies if I’ve missed anyone; it’s crazy around here. You are all appreciated to a degree that goes far beyond words!


PS: This coming week is going to be insane. Exciting, but insane. If all goes well, I will have gobs to tell you about by Friday….