First – how about this new logo designed by Ryan, the Creative Director at Whatever It Takes. What do you think? Tell the truth, it won’t hurt my feelings (because I didn’t design it!)

We’re using it in some advertising while I figure out if I’ll stick with it. Using it would require a complete redesign of the blog, but I can live with that.

Next: check out our new Shout Out/Breaking News page. People are doing great things for Books for Keeps, and it goes beyond donating books. This gives me a way to say thank you – AND – might spark ideas in other folks who have the ability to help and don’t even realize it.

Finally – how about this book drive ad, created by Ryan and Alex from Whatever It Takes?!

The book drive response has been strange. Very few books have been donated at our drop off locations, but as the word spreads, more people contact me to volunteer to sort books. I’m trying to figure out what to do. Ideas?