When Books for Keeps announced it was seeking sponsors for 40 classes of students by December 31st, Dr. Dean Firschein of Allergy Partners of Georgia was the first to sign up.

We weren’t surprised! Dr. Firschein has helped Books for Keeps in so many ways already this year.  Allergy Partners of Georgia sponsored a $500 donation match during our book sale, which was a great motivator for shoppers to add a donation to their purchase totals.  Dr. Firschein himself provided lunch for volunteers during one of our book sale setup days, and manned a shift during the book sale too.  He even worked a book distribution in May!

Allergy Partners of Georgia focuses solely on allergy, asthma, and immunology, providing relief and restoring quality of life to those who suffer from these conditions. They have a reputation for educating & empowering patients, not just treating them.  (Dr. Firschein also happens to be my allergist, so I can tell you firsthand that he’s one of those wonderful doctors who takes the time to listen to his patients. So rare these days!)

Thank you, Dr. Firschein and Allergy Partners of Georgia, for all that you’ve done to help Books for Keeps provide books to Athens children in need. 

Allergy Partners of Georgia
3320 Old Jefferson Road, Athens
(706) 613-8500