Wow. I’m exhausted. I had no idea how much I could accomplish in a single week if I set my mind to it. Getting up at 4am every day helps, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it.

This morning I woke up groggy and grouchy, only to discover the most encouraging email from Bonnie and her kids Ava & Jack. My energy is renewed well, ok, not my energy but my enthusiasm. But see what I mean about how doing one little thing can make a difference? What if she decided not to write? Good wishes for Books for Keeps make a difference. There are definitely days where I wake up and think “I can’t do this.”

So here’s what’s coming up in Crazy Week Part Two.

– A sorting session this afternoon with a middle school media specialist. She’ll sort, I’ll watch, listen and learn.

Our first volunteer sort day! Tomorrow 11 volunteers will sort books. I confess it’s a bittersweet moment for me. I’ve inspected and sorted something like 7,000 books all by myself. It just feels like a huge milestone for Books for Keeps.

– A meeting with an advisory panel of media specialists. Very much hoping for volunteers to manage our wish lists and keep them current. I want Athens kids to have the best books, not just the old ones!

– The Halloween Book Drive. I’m planning as if there’ll be a crowd, but mentally preparing myself to be OK if nobody shows.

– The First American Bank “Done in a Day” event. I’ll give a brief presentation about Books for Keeps (at 7:30 AM!) to all FAB employees and collect books. I love the “collect books” part!

That, folks, will wrap up this insane schedule I’ve been keeping. Just in time for 4 family birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Wow. 10 weekends til Christmas and I know what I’ll be doing for 8 of them. I guess I’ll rest in January?