The protective pad for my dining room table made a reappearance for the first time since Whatever It Takes provided a sort room for Books for Keeps. What a deja vu moment it was, standing in front of the table with a box of books at my feet.

I felt a brief urge to sit and reflect on the days when Books for Keeps was run out of my home and I sorted books all hours of the day. Then I remembered I had work to do, and got down to business.

Things are so crazy right now; some days I can’t spare 20 minutes for the drive to/from the sort room. My car can’t hold another box of books, so I’m sorting them at home and here they’ll stay til distribution day.

There’s so much to tell you; I feel guilty that I can’t squeeze in time for more sharing. Books for Keeps supporters are amazing and I hope you feel the same as I do: the kids & the books come first. I’m keeping notes, though! Someday…