The sort room roof has been patched again, but based on the age of the roof it’s bound to leak again so the tarps will remain in place until we find a new space. It’s dark, dreary and raining, but our books are safe.

Thank you, Lindy at Clarke Central High School and Shawn at Clarke Middle School, for the option to store books at your schools. I wish it weren’t necessary!

A couple of boxes o’ books turn a dreary day bright, every time. Today I was thrilled to receive books from Carrie in New Ulm, MN and Katherine (again!) in Kerrville, TX. Thank you!

Yes, things have been a bit rough lately. But as I told my long-time friend Polly today: it’s just an awkward stage of growth that’s a blessing in disguise. We have more books, more ideas, more opportunities than we have people or money to follow up on them. I’ll take that over the opposite problem any day.

I’d say Books for Keeps is like a pre-teen with braces right now: looking a little scrappy and learning from our mistakes, but on our way to a very, very bright future.