Whether it’s staffing the BFK Book Sale, assisting at distributions, or sorting books in our warehouse, we have a job for you!

We particularly need volunteers who can assist with book pick-ups. A strong back and the ability to lift heavy boxes are a must in order to help with pick-ups.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities by visiting our GivePulse dashboard and stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter.

Do you have a special skill that you’d like to lend Books for Keeps, such as bookkeeping, accounting, grant-writing, or marketing? Or maybe a group that would like to sign up to volunteer in our warehouse? Whatever your interest or availability, please get in touch!

Email us if you have any questions at info@booksforkeeps.org

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Donate Books

Got books? We want ’em!

Books for Keeps has drop-off locations around Athens and Elberton, and we verified drop-off information and hours with our partners, below, in early August 2020. Regardless, please call ahead to a drop-off location before bringing books, so that you can ensure that you’re following any guidelines used by these businesses – including what entrance to use, whether you should remain in your car, or whether masks are required. We want to accept your donated books and be good neighbors to these businesses!

View Locations

***Please do not donate textbooks and encyclopedias. These books, unfortunately, do not sell at our annual book sale and will likely be recycled.***

Athens Drop Off Locations

Hold a Book Drive

It can be as simple as putting a box in your garage or office and sending an email to let folks know it’s there. We accept books for all ages, children or adult. What we cannot use for our youth programs, we sell at our annual BFK Book Sale – so clean off your bookshelves and give us a call! *Note: textbooks, encyclopedias, and weeded library books are difficult for us to use.*

We’ll provide printable signs and logos, along with messaging to include in an email, Facebook post, newsletter or other bulletin. For larger book drives, we can help with communications and logistics if needed.

No matter the size, we hope you’ll consider holding a book drive soon. Contact us for more information.

Become a Sponsor

Give the gift of reading to a child in need.

All it takes is $30 to provide one child with books to read all summer, along with a tote bag for carrying them.

If you are donating as an individual, make sure to inquire with your employer about any eligible matching gift programs. Some corporate matching programs will make a donation of up to 100 percent of any employee contributions, effectively doubling your gift to Books for Keeps!


Sponsorship Levels

Donate as a business, as an individual, or band together with a group to keep a whole classroom, grade-level or even an entire school reading all summer long. For information on corporate sponsorship, including information about how Books for Keeps will recognize your company’s gift, please download our Sponsor Package. For additional questions about corporate sponsorship, reach out here.

Sponsor a child

No matter your ability, your contributions can make a difference in the life of a child. Just $30 will keep a child reading all summer long.

Remember: You are somebody. You can do something.

Check out a gallery and a list of our annual class, grade-level, and school sponsors at this link.

Sponsor a class

It takes just $600 to provide 12 books to every child in a classroom. Donate as a business, as an individual, or band together with a group to keep a whole classroom reading all summer long. If you are donating as a business, please refer to our Sponsor Package for detailed information on how we will recognize your gift.

If members of your group are donating individually, instruct them to include a memo with the name of your group so we can tally donations. Then email your story and pictures to us, and we’ll post your story on our blog!

Sponsor a grade

Keep an entire grade up to speed and reading all summer long! Whether it’s kindergarten, fifth grade, or somewhere in between, you can designate your gift of $2,500 will allow you to adopt an entire grade-level at a school of your choice – based on existing sponsorships. Check out our Sponsor Package for information on how we will recognize your gift.

Sponsor a school

Want to make a big difference in a simple, lasting way? Sponsor a school. A gift of $12,500 provides every single student in that school with 12 books and a tote bag to carry them home. Based on existing sponsorships, you can designate your gift to benefit a specific school. Download our Sponsor Package for information on how we will recognize your gift.