Our incorporation, and future (fingers crossed!) 501(c)(3) certification bring with them some of the most head-spinning details and requirements. Officers, by-laws, tax forms, fine print… the dotting of many “I”s and the crossing of many “T”s. And it all must be done exactly right, just so.

I’ve been at it for three hours. My mind is boggled. My eyes are crossing. And the magnitude of what I’m undertaking is starting to sink in. Incorporating is easy! Proving to the IRS that you are a legitimate charity is most definitely not.

Oh, how I wish I could zip over to the sort room and spend the day sorting books!

Chris and Dana in Dacula, GA held a neighborhood book drive last May during the “800 books in 12 days” campaign. I’m thrilled to have received more books yesterday. Thank you, Chris and Dana, for continuing to support Books for Keeps!

Thanks also to Carol and Jane here in Athens, for delivering a large number of books to the sort room while I was out of town. I haven’t gone through them yet, but I saw some great titles. Thank you!

I also heard yesterday about another donation of books from JoBeth and Jennifer at UGA. I can’t wait to see the books; the last batch were new books in pristine condition and they were so fun to sort. Thank you JoBeth and Jennifer! And thank you Cathy, for making all the arrangements and picking up the books.

Finally, thank you to the anonymous donor(s) who left many boxes of books in our lobby while I was out of town. It’s a great feeling to arrive at the sort room on a Monday morning and discover boxes of books waiting for me.