Donate time, donate treasure, or set up a Facebook fundraiser, and help us raise $20,000 in ONE DAY.

“We’re not participating in Giving Tuesday this year because it’s just gotten too big.”

We see this a lot from fellow nonprofit organizations as the joint holiday / giving season approaches. And we get it.

Giving Tuesday has gotten big. It’s now a global movement with nonprofits and non-governmental organizations participating across 60 countries. It’s a day of focused, almost frenzied generosity, leveraging our very human desire to be part of a group and identify with a common cause.

Here in our corner of the world, Giving Tuesday is big for us. In 2018, Books for Keeps raised $14,300 in just 24 hours on Giving Tuesday (which now coincides with Georgia Gives Day).

This year, we’re setting our sights on raising $10,000 from individuals and businesses on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, to meet a $10,000 matching challenge from past and present BFK board members. You read that right – our past and current board members will be matching every dollar until we reach our goal of $10,000 on that day. That’s a combined $20,000 toward a REALLY BIG year-end goal to raise $90,000 needed to stay on track for our first program expansion in two years.

As the clamor for donations and contributions on this day of giving has reached fever pitch, though, many folks feel that they’re being hit over the head – repeatedly – by solicitations.

It’s why we’re being careful, selective, and targeted about how (and when) we remind our supporters and followers about Giving Tuesday. We’re scheduling our monthly MailChimp newsletter to hit inboxes on Giving Tuesday this year so that – instead of reminder emails, plus our newsletter, PLUS a day-of email – everything happens in one smooth motion. (If you aren’t receiving those monthly updates, by the way, you can sign up here.) We’ll update our social media throughout the day as we make progress toward our goal, so you can choose to follow – or not follow – those updates!

It’s also why we’re scheduling multiple volunteer opportunities for the day, because not everyone can give financially. Volunteers who give their time to Books for Keeps are a treasured resource to us, too. We have one shift for the general public that day at 10 a.m.; you can sign up at our GivePulse page. A second, afternoon shift is set aside for our partners at Athens Church as part of their annual Be Rich initiative. If you’re a member of Athens Church, you can sign up through the internal system.

Regardless of whether you can give your time or treasure, you can extend the impact of Giving Tuesday by hosting a Facebook fundraiser to benefit Books for Keeps. Whether you set a goal to raise $100 or $1,000, you can help us reach new supporters and grow our impact – and 100 percent of every dollar donated comes straight to BFK.

Last year, donors responded enthusiastically to a challenge by our board of directors, $5,000, by nearly doubling the challenge amount.

This year, we stretched further by inviting present AND past board members to take part. Motivated by the idea that it will help us fulfill our long-held promise to reach every elementary school in Athens, they have banded together to level a $10,000 challenge to you, our community of supporters.

This goal is bigger than ever because it will help build the foundation for our biggest year-end goal ever: to raise $90,000 by December 31st.

Are we a little nervous about how big that number is? You betcha. Are we a lot excited about the potential for meeting that goal? You better believe it.

If we can do this we’ll be ready to add those two schools we’ve been talking about reaching since August – heck, since Melaney gave away the first books in 2009. But we’ll only get there with your help. Thank you for giving. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being among the biggest advocates for the idea that no child should go a summer without great books to read.