Our 2011 book distributions are coming to a close. The Books for Keeps’ shelves are empty! We’re committed to reaching more schools next year, so we’ll need exponentially more books, and a new facility, too. (Check out the top-right side of this page for ways you can help.)

Funding will be our new challenge this year. The kids asked over and over for more current, popular books than we typically get from our book drives. We hope to raise funds to purchase those books this year. And let’s face it: operating on such a large scale costs money.

A perfect example: Books for Keeps was faced with delivering over 250 boxes of books to 4 different schools, and the cost to do so would have wiped out our bank account. I was truly beginning to fear a crisis.

Our sort and storage rooms were filled to capacity. The storage room shelves were groaning…

The sorting tables were groaning….

Two Men and a Truck of Athens rescued us with just 2 days to spare. It was an all-day event for David and Terrance, who should have been wearing Superman capes as far as I’m concerned. They delivered books to Alps….

They delivered books to Stroud…

They delivered books to Fowler…

They delivered books to Clarke Middle… and would you believe, they achieved 100% accuracy on getting each box to the right school? They even stacked the boxes by reading level so we’d have an easier time getting to the right books at the right time.

On behalf of everyone at Books for Keeps, and the kids who received the contents of 250 boxes of books: thank you Two Men and a Truck, for stepping in when we needed you most and safely delivering our precious cargo.