Isn’t it funny how a single day can bounce back and forth between being a great day and a really bad day?

The sort room roof leaked again. Again, no damage to any books. Again, purely a miracle considering how tight the space is, and I am truly thankful. But I’m also really bummed. Books for Keeps has nowhere else to go right now, and if I stop to find another facility & raise the funds to pay for it, I’ll have to stop my current focus on getting as many books as possible for the May distribution. I just want to give books to kids… but suddenly I’m dealing with roofers, tarps, shelving units…. ugh.

As a result of the two roof leaks, my husband Bayne and I have moved thousands, (and I do mean thousands), of books in a short period, and we are both sore, grouchy, and completely over it. I haven’t been successful in my attempts to recruit volunteers to help with the heavy lifting, so today I resorted to paying someone to finish what we couldn’t.

So yeah, it’s been a bad day. I’m down in the dumps, sore all over, and got very little sleep.

But enough complaining. I want to be truthful about what’s going on, because many of you have been following Books for Keeps’ story since the beginning. But I certainly don’t want to drag everybody else down with me!

So let’s take a quick peek at the bright side:

10,000 children’s books sorted & categorized, plus thousands more completely untouched, just waiting to be inspected…. all covered with waterproof tarps just in time for the rain that’s now pouring down. And 5,000-7,000 adult books we can sell to raise money, and again, thousands more waiting to be inspected.

Celia & IntelliGRACS Group came to the rescue again, this time purchasing the tarps we needed. She also purchased 2 large moving carts that I’d been fantasizing about for months, and in just 24 hours they’ve already made a huge difference. Now I can load boxes of books onto the carts from my car and roll them into the sort room… instead of carrying every box, one at a time.

BookMooch users & their generosity. Kay in Greenville SC is handling all of Books for Keeps’ bookmooching activities and is truly a gift from God. It’s a big job, choosing books, ordering books, opening boxes, tracking receipts, AND making sure we don’t run out of points which is a job all by itself.

It was a definite pick-me-up to log in today and see the points donated so far this year: Beth in Pennsylvania, Tony in New York, Lynn in the U.K., Sandra in Canada, Bo in Georgia, Stephanie in West Virginia, Books for Schools & Classrooms, Jennifer in New York, Chris in Canada, Chip in New Jersey… I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for keeping our account flush with points. We will use them wisely!

– A surprise package from Katherine in Kerrville, TX. She’s done everything from mooch books on our behalf to donating points to sending books. It makes me so happy to hear from our early supporters and know we still have your support. Thank you Katherine!

– And Donna in Canada, another frequent supporter: she emailed last week to let me know another box of books is on the way. She looks out for books we need in large quantities, and when she has a boxful, ships it here to Athens. Thank you Donna!

Our first financial donation of 2011: I don’t publish those names because I have no idea if it’s acceptable to do so… but I am extremely grateful to G & M here in Athens. I know how to stretch a buck and I will make yours count.

I’m putting this Good Day/Bad Day to rest, and hoping that tomorrow will be better. I still believe Books for Keeps is meant to happen, watched from above, and positioned to make a difference in Athens’ kids’ lives. Some days it’s just a little harder to remember than others…. Tomorrow I’ll continue to work on roofing and water-prevention issues; in the meantime, I hope you’ll tell somebody new about Books for Keeps and send them our way.