Our May deadline for distributing books draws closer and closer, and it’s an emotional roller-coaster around here.

Good News/Bad News #1:
The good news – I have cleared the backlog of books awaiting inspection in the sort room. What a relief! Every book has been logged and sorted into “Use” vs. “Can’t Use”. All that’s left is to sort by age and box for storage.

The bad news – Donations have slowed down enough to allow me to catch up, and this really scares me. I’d rather be perpetually behind due to an overwhelming number of donations, wouldn’t you?

Good News/Bad News #2:
The good news – the school district has chosen 3 schools to receive our books this May. I can’t tell you the names until I meet with them. But it’s exciting to know where the books will be going.

The bad news – we don’t have enough books for the 3rd school. I wish I could shrug it off and say “well, we’ve accomplished a lot… maybe next year” but I simply can’t do that. We need approximately 6,000 more books in the next 2 months.

Last May, I put out a call for help requesting 800 books in 12 days. You responded by drowning me in books; something like 1700 books in 12 days.

Can we pull off another miracle? Can we collect 6,000 usable children’s books in 2 months? I really don’t know. We’ve collected 12,000 books in 7 months, so this will certainly qualify as a miracle.

Please think hard about how you can help, even if you live outside Athens. A few ideas:

Consider Media Mail: You can mail a 10 pound box of books for less than $6.00 in the continental US if you use the Media Mail rate at your post office. That’s about 20 paperback Junie B Jones! Send us your books… your friends’ books… your neighbors’ books.

Collect books for us: Place a box in your garage or at work, and email your neighbors/coworkers that you’re collecting books. I can supply the text for an email, and a printable sign. If you’re anywhere near the state of Georgia, I can make arrangements to get the books.

Facebook: 1) Go to our Facebook page and click “Like” at the top of the page. Your friends will see it, and maybe they’ll check us out. 2) Post a link to our “How You Can Help” page on your Facebook page. Tell your friends you support Books for Keeps and maybe they will, too.

Email: Here’s an article you can send to anybody… everybody… you know. Then they can forward it to their friends, and so on, and so on.

Donate Funds: I have several sources of books, ranging from $.75 – $2.00 per book. What I don’t have is unlimited funds to buy these books. Make your check payable to Family Connection, with Books for Keeps on the memo line, and mail to us at PO Box 49761, Athens, GA 30604.

6,000 books, 2 months. Can we we do it? Send me your ideas. givethembooks (at) gmail (dot) com