Just one short month ago I posted our call for help.  We had enough books on hand for 1,255 of our 2,100 students and needed sponsors for the remaining 845 children.  In the past month, sponsors have stepped up for 641 more students, leaving us with only 204 more sponsors to find!

With all the bad news we see on television, this near-miraculous surge of generosity reminds me of something that’s so easy to forget:  there are a lot of really good, generous people out there!


…I can’t stop to celebrate until we find sponsors for these last 204 children.  $25 will provide 12 books + a tote bag for 1 child. $480 will sponsor an entire class!

We are $5,100 away from having every book we need, to provide 12 books to every K-5 student attending a Clarke County elementary school where 90% or more of students qualify for free/reduced-price lunch. 

Can you help us get there?

  1. Click “Donate Now” and sponsor a child 
  2. Pull a group together and sponsor a class (book clubs, tennis teams, church groups…)
  3. Give BFK gift certificates this holiday season
  4. Post our program on your Facebook page
  5. Tweet about us

When I started Books for Keeps 4 years ago, it was an effort to help 1 little girl who loved to read but had no books at home. You have the opportunity to do the same today.  Instead of wondering “Why doesn’t somebody DO something about this problem?”, say “I am somebody who WILL do something about this problem”.

But be warned, it can change your life.  Sure changed mine.

–Melaney Smith