Your Facebook and Twitter pages are the best tools we have for reaching people. Will you use yours – TODAY – to help us find sponsors for the last 54 children?

The May distributions are still 5 months away, but we need to have our books in-hand by January 15th, to allow us to get them sorted, boxed, and put away before Fire & Flavor (our warehouse provider) needs us out of the way for their busy season.  This means we need the funds by December 31st. 

54 children. 9 days. Please join in our effort; it’s a small act that makes an exponentially larger impact to our program.

Here’s a message you can use:

Give the gift of reading to a child in need. Books for Keeps needs sponsors for 54 more children. $25 will provide 12 books plus a tote bag for 1 child. $480 sponsors an entire class.

Give the gift of reading to a child in need. $25 provides 12 books for 1 child who might not own a single book.

And let’s face it. January 1, we have to immediately start looking for sponsors for our 2014 program.  Help us ring in new year with the guarantee of 12 books each for all 2,100 children this May.