I met with the counselor at Alps yesterday, just following up on how the Summer Satchel program went and ideas for next steps. I mentioned wanting my next project to be handing out satchels to the kids living in the homeless shelter, and she said “well, most of them will be attending YWCO camp here this summer.”

Next thing ya know, I’m being introduced to the YWCO folks and I’ve volunteered to provide books to 150 girls, ages 5 through 14.

I’ve gotten used to ages 5-11. But what in the world do 12, 13, and 14 year olds read? I’m still trying to accept the fact that nobody from the younger crowd wanted Little House on the Prairie or Nancy Drew. It was all Goosebumps and Captain Underpants (and I haven’t replenished my supply yet!)

Please send me some recommendations! You can see my inventory on Library Thing; I’m listed as “yenalem”.

On a more somber note: from what I understand so far (hopefully it will change!) things are quite crowded at the homeless shelter and there’s just no room for them to store any books. I literally cried on the phone when I heard that. If you grew up surrounded by books, you know exactly what I mean. I thought books were a God-given right. I’ll keep trying; they’re mulling it over.