What a wonderful two weeks! No internet, no cell phone, no email. Instead, two weeks filled with nature, family, friends, and the quietest nights you’ll find in the state. Except for the crickets and bullfrogs, that is.

One of my visitors, a 12 year old who attends Catholic school in Knoxville, had an idea for Books for Keeps. Her school held a book drive last year and turned it into a competition between grades, with cupcakes as the prize for the winning class.

They raised 15,000 books in one day. For cupcakes. I kid you not. And it’s a fairly small school!

So Athens supporters, please consider whether you’d be willing to help me convince YOUR child’s school to hold a book drive. I can’t imagine 15,000 books. What if we could really give every child 12 books next year?!

The thought makes me swoon. And then the doubter in me chimes in with “Whoa now… stick with a goal of 2,000 books and you won’t be disappointed…”

We’ll see folks. Right now I have a ton of laundry to wash, 2 tons of groceries to replenish, and 3 tons of mail to open and deal with. Two weeks off comes at a price, but it was soooo worth it!