Thank you, everyone who’s written asking how to help with our “13,000 books in 12 weeks” challenge. Here are the specifics:

We accept books for children of all ages, but our current critical need is for 13,000 current, popular books (both picture and “chapter” books) for children in Kindergarten – 5th grade. Our most requested titles are listed on the middle-left side of this web page.

Here’s how you can help, no matter where you live:

1) Donate to our Deep Discount Purchase Fund
Use the “Donate” button on the top-right side of this Web page or mail a check to PO Box 49761, Athens, GA 30604. We’re collecting funds to take advantage of deep discount purchase opportunities made possible by 2 large book providers.

2) Order from our wish lists
Amazon will ship books straight to us from our wish list. Locally, Avid Bookshop offers some of our wish list books starting at just $3.

3) Donate your books More Info
We have drop-off locations around Athens, as well as individuals in Macon and around metro-Atlanta who are collecting for us. The US Postal Service offers a discounted “Media Mail” rate
that is surprisingly affordable for shipping paperbacks.

4) Hold a book drive
It’s as easy as putting a box in your garage or office, then sending an email or Facebook post to your neighbors, friends, or coworkers. You’ll be surprised how much fun this is! Here’s how.

5) Tell somebody
Tell your Facebook friends… place a notice in your church or neighborhood newsletter or email group.. Tweet about us… Think of all those books, gathering dust on shelves right now, that could find new homes with children in Athens! If only their current owners knew we needed them…

Here’s a message you can cut and paste:

Books for Keeps is an Athens organization working to end “summer slide” in Athens. Summer slide is a reading achievement loss that occurs in children who don’t read during the summer months, and it affects children from low-income families at a significantly disproportionate rate. Books for Keeps collects books year-round and distributes them to Clarke County schools where high percentages of students qualify for free/reduced lunches.

Books for Keeps has a critical need for current, popular books for children in Kindergarten – 5th grade. They committed to provide 12 books to every Clarke County school district elementary student attending a school where 90% or more of students qualify for free/reduced lunch. Five schools qualify for this May’s program: Alps, Fowler, Stroud, Gaines & JJ Harris. Books for Keeps needs 13,000 more books to reach their goal of 12 books per child.

Details about how you can help them raise 13,000 books in 12 weeks are posted here.

Thanks everybody! If the initial response is any indication, we might actually make this goal. 13,000 current, popular books for kids in K-5, by May 1!