… but I must share this news with you. PaperBackSwap.com contacted Kay and informed her that charities are not allowed to use PBS. We didn’t know we were breaking any rules, but apparently we were. There are a few official PBS charities and we are not one of them. Kay tried her best, to no avail.

I’m heartbroken. PBS was our primary source of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and it’s a big blow. And I’m not gonna sugarcoat it – I’m mad. We’ve given them plenty of publicity in the last 18 months and I personally believe you should be allowed to give your points to whomever you choose.

But – the rules are the rules, and we must abide by them. So – we can no longer accept your PBS point donations. We can’t even allow you to order books using your points and have them shipped directly to us. We are being allowed to use the rest of our existing points via my personal account, thank goodness.

BookMooch.com supports us and even donates points if we run too low, but there are few Wimpy Kids posted there.
(We love you, BookMooch!)

Thank you for your generosity in sharing points with us. We’ll put on our thinkin’ caps. Ideas welcome.