It’s still hard to move around our house because there are books everywhere. One of the Summer Satchel supporters wrote that she hopes I’m resting up now that it’s all over. I wish! Here’s what’s up:

– I’m posting books on BookMooch that the school didn’t think they could use for whatever reason; trying to get my “mooch ratio” back in shape just in case they won’t give me a charity account. Also posting the grown-up books that donors included with the childrens books.

– I’m sorting out books in bad shape. The unsalvageable ones are being recycled; those with a little life left will go to Salvation Army. And childrens books have a habit of getting sticky, so I’m cleaning some that were too sticky to hand out.

– I’m entering my inventory on Library Thing, to make it easier for the schools (and me) to keep up with what I have. It also gives me a gauge on which books are good; award-winners, highly-rated, etc.

– I’m writing (and writing… and writing…) thank you notes. And I know that some of you are going to fall through the cracks and not get one due to poor record-keeping on my part; I just hope to be forgiven!

– I’m breaking down boxes, recycling bubble wrap & brown paper, sweeping up packing peanuts, washing clothes, and trying to re-establish order at home.

– I’m slowly but surely adding a 5-page wish list from Alps to my Bookmooch wish list, so I can mooch throughout the year.

– I’m mulling over all sorts of ideas… moving my “summer satchel” posts to a separate blog; starting a Facebook group; putting together a Christmas satchel program; thinking of other ways to get books into the hands of kids who have none.

And finally, I’m planning to COOK DINNER tonight, for the first time in 2 weeks. Last night Bayne and I had Pringles & Goldfish for dinner! It’s been rough here, folks. While I was buried in books, I was also swamped with Overview Commission work.

So… Summer Satchel Supporters: send me your ideas on what kinds of programs might expand our book-sharing reach, where I might look for book donations, where I might look for grants or funding. And thank you all for your support!


PS: I have to admit: I also have a stack of kids books I’m planning to read. There were no takers for Island of the Blue Dolphins (criminal, I know!) so I’m reading it myself. It’s just as good as I remembered!