I reluctantly decided to show y’all the new blog space while it’s a work in progress. It’s embarrassing, but you’ve had such great suggestions for the Summer Satchel program I figured…. who better to tell me if the new blog will be ok?

So….. may I introduce you to pre-facelift Books for Keeps?

Summer Satchel is no longer limited to summers, or to books delivered in satchels. The real focus has always been on giving kids books they can KEEP. So, thanks to my creative BFF Lori, Summer Satchel is now called Books For Keeps.

I found a kind soul to help me with the design so – hopefully – soon it will be much prettier. But what do you think about the content?

I have thick skin so tell me what you think. About the content, that is. The colors, fonts, etc will change. I’m especially interested if you think the “About Books For Keeps” clearly tells the story of what/where/how/why.

I’m not a non-profit, or even an organization. If it weren’t for y’all, I’d be a one-woman shop. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your support. Let’s hear it: what do you think?